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True Blood, S3E05 - Geez, it took long enough!

It only took five episodes, but True Blood finally got good again. Other than every Eric and Pam scene (together or with others), plus a few Sookie scenes here and there, I've been very unimpressed with TB this season. Big-time. But this episode, things finally started perking up. Yay! See why

Other than the (yawn!) Jason/Crystal scenes, I enjoyed the entire episode.

- Franklin is freakin' awesome! I was alternately laughing my ass off and feeling so sorry for him when he was crying about Tara hurting him. Speaking of ... thank God, Tara is showing some backbone again. This is much more the Tara I love. Ah, if only Franklin wasn't so psychotic, I'd totally be rooting for Franklin and Tara to live happily ever after, LOL! But since he's is psychotic, and wants to make her his vampire bride, I'm still going to hold onto my hope of Sam and Tara somewhere down the line.

- Ah, Sam. I'm still not in love with his story, but I'm not bored by it anymore. That's a plus.

- BERNADETTE!!! Or rather the actress who played Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory, Melissa Rauch, was Hoyt's date. Therefore, I'm sure everyone and their dog will hate her because everyone and their dog seems to adore Jessica/Hoyt. (I adore Jessica, but I don't care either way about Hoyt, or Hoyt/Jessica.) Well, I don't hate her and won't unless they make her heinous and thoroughly unlikable beyond being a spoiler for Jessica/Hoyt because I love Melissa Rauch. She's adorable!

- Not enough Eric. Of course, there's never enough Eric, but as always I loved what we got with him. Literally every second. And I loved, loved, loved that (as Russell put it) in front of a king, a queen behind them, he and Bill were talking about Sookie. Heh, all that's going on, and Eric has to verify that Sookie is now available. Lolololol!

- I CAN NOT get over how awesome Sookie is when not with Bill, and how much more entertaining Bill is when not with Sookie. Seriously, since Leonard and Penny broke up, Bill/Sookie get the official title of WORST CANON PAIR. Who is not awesome or even mildly entertaining, though? Alcide. Good lord, the actor may have a magnificently-crafted body, but could he have any less charisma? I don't think it's possible. So. Boring. Thank God for Sookie, Debbie and, well, anyone else in scenes with him that keeps me from nodding off, cuz after a few seconds of shallow admiration at his sculpted body, I'm bored silly by him.

- I love Kevin Alejandro. 'Nuff said. And his Jesus and Lafayette make a cute pair. Oh, I also love Talbot. He's adorable.

So, yeah, much better episode in every way than we've seen thus far. In fact, I'm actually beginning to get really intrigued with the vampire politics, which I frankly haven't given two hoots about it until now. So, again, yay!

Re: Next week's preview. Oh, Eric, you're so lying! You love her. You know you do
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