Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Just Venting about Lack of Jason Press

Sigh, I am so, so, so tired of Jason getting the shaft when it comes to press. He has yet to do ONE photo shoot independent of VM (which is most likely his agent/manager's fault) and the only VM-related shoot was way back from the Pilot and the two shots from S2 (with only one released as a solo shot) and those have the hideous wardrobe and background. Yes, we saw him in the one CW commercial, but all the ones that feature ep clips, don't showcase him at ALL!

At the media events we barely see him. I don't know if it's his agent, I don't know if it's the network, but it drives me insane. He sells this show! I'm sorry, but I'm SO SICK of seeing Kristen Bell promoting the show when ... she DOESN'T PROMOTE THE SHOW!!!! At least Jason watches the show, at least Jason likes the show, at least Jason says good things about the show, about Kristen, about the characters, about the relationship that most watching love and shows enthusiasm for it. Kristen? Not.

I am just so, so, so tired of seeing so little on Jason. He's charming, he's sweet, he's adorable, most who watch him for any amount of time fall for him and yet he does NO PRESS for this show beyond a couple of online interviews which so few people see. No network stuff, very, very few events, no talk shows, no magazine interviews (but for one inexplicable spread with Charisma Carpenter that highlighted her more than him). No doubt, come Emmys we'll only see KB. Come talk show interviews, we'll only see KB, with EC possibly sneaking in. But the hearthrob of the show? The guy who genuinely sells the show? The breakout star of the show? Him? We won't see, just as we have continued to not see him and it's frustrating!

Frustrating because I love him and I want to see more of him and frustrating because you'd think that after two years, the network would realize that Kristen Bell alone is not working as a draw. If you watch the show, yes, she's wonderful (generally and more S1 than 2), but if you don't, you just see a cute blonde and one in print/interviews who seems incapable of actually selling the show. Plus, she's a girl and this show draws in females! Show the guy! Hell, just stir it up and add the guy to the mix. Romance sells. Pretty people looking pretty and hot together sells. SELL IT! Geez! Put him on the talk shows, he's cute, he's charming, he's enthusiastic, show a hot clip of Logan and Veronica. Sell the charisma of this guy, the likability of him, the chemistry of he and KB. You've got it, use it ... flaunt it for goodness' sake!

Gah! Look at my icon! Look at that face! Look at that smile! What's not to love?!?!? GAH!!!!
Tags: jason dohring, press, promotion, rant, veronica mars

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