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20 Actors/Favorite Movie Meme

corpsebride05 gave me the '20 actors, pick your favorite movie' meme, so here I go again. I already did this one with: 'Reply and I'll give you a list of actors,' but I think anyone who was going to reply already did, so I'll just answer her list here. She gave me a mix of Classic and Now Hollywood. I am disappointed in myself to say that a few of the classic folks, I'd never seen any films by them. :sniffsniff:

Vivien Leigh - Embarassingly easy. Look at my default icon, and the name of my LJ. Yup, Gone with the Wind. That and Aliens are my two favorite movies of all time. So totally: GWTW FTW!

Clark Gable - As much as I adore It Happened One Night, yuppers, look at the answer to Vivien Leigh. Gone with the Wind all the way, baby.

Veronica Lake - I've never seen a Veronica Lake film; I know who she is, but I've never seen a movie with her.

Gary Cooper - I do like a few of his other movies, but this one is easily Ball of Fire. Charming, adorable, little film.

Jimmy Stewart - Yada, yada, yada, It's a Wonderful Life, great movie and all that, but hands down I've got to go with Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Like many films of that era, the romance was rushed and we didn't really see the whole falling in love, but the heart of the story, the characters, the drama, passion and just sheer brilliance of Stewart ... ah, I love this movie.

Lauren Bacall - I've never seen her classic stuff. Major fail on my part, I've got to rectify that. I have seen Dogville though, so, I guess that.

Marilyn Monroe - Ah, I've seen most of her movies and liked plenty, but this one is easy also: Bus Stop. She was so heartbreakingly vulnerable and so darn likable in this. I just adore her in it, and I loved the movie.

James Dean - Ugh, not the overrated Giant, which I just watched. Rebel with a Cause, definitely.

Natalie Wood - The Great Race with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. This is one of THE most hysterical movies I've ever seen, and Wood -- like everyone else in it -- was utterly brilliant.

Vincent Price - I was wrong, I actually have seen about five Price movies, so I'm going with Leave Her to Heaven.

Johnny Depp - I'm not a Depp fan, but I absolutely adored Alice in Wonderland. So that. (With What's Eating Gilbert Grape second, but that has nothing to do with him; he was utterly forgettable in it.)

Helena Bonham-Carter - ADORE HER! I'm going with the splendiferous A Room with a View. Charming, witty, breezy, lushly romantic, beautifully written, directed, the superlatives can go on.

Salma Hayek - Another actress I love, I'm gonna cheat here and go with a tie because one of the films she has a big role, and another she's basically got a bit role so it shouldn't fully count, I don't think. Glorified bit role - From Dusk Till Dawn. I freaking adore this movie. It's AWESOME! And Fools Rush In, I thought that she and Matthew Perry had wonderful chemistry, I loved the acting, the story, the pacing, everything. One of my favorite romantic comedies ever.

Penelope Cruz - Ugh, do not like her. Do I have to? *sigh* I've only seen her in two films because I pretty much avoid her stuff, so I'll go with the one I disliked the least: Captain Corelli's Mandolin. And that was pretty lame, but come on? Sahara? Just no. I forgot she was in Belle Epoque, which I saw and that movie was cute, so that.

Daniel Day-Lewis - Like with HBC, gotta go with one of my all-time favorite movies: A Room with a View. And his Cecil was such a hilarious prig.

Jim Parsons - Hee! Other than a few scenes in films, he hasn't really done much film work, but of those he's done, I'd go with Garden State. It's the only one of his films that I watched and liked separately from him.

Kayley Cuoco - The only movie of hers that I know of that wasn't a tv movie, and she had significant air time in was Killer Movie, which, gosh darn't!, I actually enjoyed. So, Killer Movie.

Halle Berry - Not her greatest role, but it's the movie and I'm a HUGE fan of the first X-Men movie. Love it to bits, so that.

Zoe Saldana - I've only seen her in Star Trek -- which I adored, so yeah, that.

Nicole Kidman - Okay, this is tough because not only is Nicole Kidman one of my all-time favorite actresses, there are several movies with her that I really, really love. Lemme think. There's Australia, To Die For and Cold Mountain at the top of the list. I loved all of them, thought she was utterly brilliant in each, but I have got to go with the thrilling, enthralling, amazing ... Moulin Rouge.
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