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SYTYCD (Full Report - 07-19-06)

Ivan/Martha Good routine, good costumes, (I love Shane!), but so, so boring. I felt nothing. What IS the the hard-on for Ivan from Nigel about!?!

Donyelle - I love Donyelle, I hated that routine. Sigh.

Dimtry - He's just lost me now and that ripping his shirt open at the end was ridiculous, I literally rolled my eyes. Bored now.

Travis/Heidi - Awesome! I got goosebumps. The performance was a spellbinding spectacle. Freed from Martha and Ryan, both shone!

Ryan/Allison - I love Mia, but I didn't like the choreography for this routine. I could see how hard it was, but I didn't like how it came together. Ryan and Allison were barely together at all. And Ryan has to go. There's nothing there. Yes, he has the talent, but I feel nothing when he dances.

Martha - I didn't like it; it was clumsy-looking to me and meandering.

Ivan - Gah! Just go.

Donyelle/Dimitry - It took a bit of time, but I was smiling by the end. Donyelle is awesome and she and Dimitry were cute.

Natalie/Benji - YAY! I wanted Natalie paired with Benji!! Okay, wow! They had amazing chemistry. I didn't think the choreography fit two people (it was more suited for two separate dancers), but both were WONDERFUL! I was just WOWing all over the place. (I actually thought they had better chemistry than Natalie and Musa. I know!)

Heidi - SHe's just great; there's no bad here.

Ivan/Martha - Lovely routine, but gosh, are they boring? Lack of technique showed in both.

Travis - He's excellent, but as always, his solos bore me.

Allison/Ryan - Excellent choreography, excellent dancers, but there is NO connection. I agreed with judges (but still felt bad for Ryan.)

Natalie - I did NOT want it to end. She sold the music, the lyrics so very well and her dancing is sheer beauty with such precision and control. (She certainly seemed to take Nigel's words to heart as the sex kitten only came out when choreographed.)

Benji - LOVE! God, he's awesome, awesome, awesome! He deserved the chant! Ooh, and that last Dr. Evil move was hysterical and so Benji! The way he moved, just wow!

Donyelle/Dimitry - Donyelle looks AWESOME! Very good, but the last thirty seconds showed weakness, but Donyelle is awesome.

Heidi/Travis - Okay, this choreography worked beautifully, Mia! (And ooh, one of my favorite songs, not just of Celine, but in general.) The choreography, story was beautifully done and Heidi/Travis did an amazing job with it. They are wonderful together.

Allison- This is the best solo by her yet. Of course, I haven't liked any of her previous solos, but this one was good.

Natalie/Benji - I'm so bummed they got Hip-Hop because I wanted to see them dance together! The jazz routine was lovely, but not choreographed to show them together and hip-hop never is. I could see the flaws, but it was still fun and both sold it. And I mightily disagree with Nigel, the moments when they DID dance together, I felt the chemistry. I just love them. These two are so my favorites.

Ryan - Sigh, bored again. Sorry, Ryan, but my mind just wandered during the routine. He couldn't even keep me for that short of time. Double sigh.

Favorite Routines:

1. Heidi/Travis - Contemporary
2. Natalie/Benji - Jazz
3. Heidi/Travis - Pase Doble

Favorite Dancers:

1. Natalie
2. Benji
3. Heidi (with Donyelle very close behind)

Bottom Three (I guess it will be just singles?)

1. Ryan,
2. Martha
3. Travis

Who will/should go:

I desperately want to say Ivan of the boys, but I think it will be Ryan. Martha of the girls, no question.

Bottom-line: Long live Natalie and Benji! Gosh, I hope they are paired again before it's all over! And Heidi rules!
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