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'Doctor Who' Series Five, Ep 1 'The Eleventh Hour'

Okay, so I watched the first episode of Doctor Who series five. Quick thoughts behind the cut.

I decided partway through to just really consider this a clean break from RTD's Who, David Tennant's Doctor -- which wasn't hard for me, honestly; it's not like I didn't love Tennant and Ten, but I ADORED Christopher Eccleston and Nine, and getting over that, well, if I could do that and love the next Doctor I knew it'd be no problem accepting Eleven. Doctor/Rose, I'm just pushing to the sidelines because that's just easiest. Rose is with TenII in Pete's World, let them be happy there and move on. It's still the Doctor, but it's not the *same* Doctor and that works because of how Moffat writes the Doctor.

Okay, random thoughts ...

- Matt Smith and Karen Gillian have seriously KILLER chemistry, like WHOAH! I completely get people shipping them after the first episode.

- New DW credits are ugly and suck. Yuck! New TARDIS is close enough to the one I'm familiar with plus a few new gadgets, I'm fine with it.

- Matt Smith is as adorable as I thought he would be. Just an utter delight. He's really not good-looking at all, but he's endlessly charming, charismatic and talented ... all of which makes him quite attractive. And, yes, I happen to agree that, on his Eleven, the bow-tie is cool.

- There were a few head-scratching, huh? plot moments here and there, but, hello, Moffat. It's to be expected.

- Karen Gillian was pretty durn good too.

- I do think that Moffat did a good job in casting *his* Doctor. While I could have bought Eccleston's Nine giving that "basically ... run" and having it mean serious business, I don't think I would have quite bought the armies tremble in fear bite behind it as was told us Moffat's s4 two-parter from David Tennant, but I bought it from Matt Smith.

- There were a few Moffat-y things that annoyed (the kiss-o-gram, really just unnecessary, the snapping fingers to open the TARDIS will never make me NOT roll my eyes), but overall, not too shabby (and MUCH better than his last two outings -- man SotL/FotD were terrible!).

- Overall, it was fun, it felt like Who, and I don't feel the need to analyze at all, so it probably will remain fun. There were many moments that were so Doctor-ish and Who-ish that I breathed a happy sigh because I do love the premise and the character. I tend not to get obsessive and moody/ecstatic over shows/movies unless I have a couple I'm die-hard for, since I can't see that happening here -- as I know what happens with Amy and Rory -- I think I may be okay.

So, yeah, first episode, my thoughts. There ya go.

I don't know that I'll even do a brief write-up for each episode, but we'll see. Thanks, guys, for pushing me to watch. It was cute.
Tags: doctor who, tv

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