Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD (aka KENT! and Mark!)

Quick thoughts tonight on SYTYCD.

Cristina/Pasha -- I liked this, didn't love it, but I liked it.

Mark/Ashley -- Suck it, Nigel. I don't care if it was jazz or not, it was gorgeous, one of my fave Travis routines ever. Mark and Ashley were fantastic in it. Lucky, lucky girl. Neil last week, Mark this week.

Billy/Comfort -- Yes, he wasn't as good, but boy was he trying so dang hard.

Robert/Anya -- Anya was great, Robert was counting the steps and mentally going through the routine and what was coming next throughout the whole thing. He was awkward and stiff in certain sections. Dude did horrible. But, of course, he was barely called on the crappy technique. What is the hard-on they have for this guy? Yeah, yeah, he looks like an Adonis, but there's nothing else there that I can see as of now? He bugs.

Alex/Lauren -- Lauren continues to suck compared to every other all-star by far, and most of the contestants. It wasn't sharp enough, but I still like Alex.

Adechike/Allison -- Sorry, dude's a blank page. There is NOTHING there. Allison, someone that I've never been a fan of, was gorgeous and sold the hell outta that routine. Adechike? No. Plastering a smile now and then is not connecting or selling. He's a block of wood that can dance really well.

Lauren/Dominic -- I agree with Mia, she did very well, but could have sold it more in the abuse parts. Still, definite improvement over last week.

Melinda/Ade -- I don't know what the judges were smoking, Melinda's lines were NOT gorgeous. This girl needs to go. She's just not good enough.

Jose/Kathryn -- Yeah, he did bad, but he was having a blast and I really genuinely thought he was trying his hardest. I like him and enjoy watching him. I know he won't win (and he shouldn't), but I'll enjoy him as long as I can.

KENT!/Courtney -- I thought Kent was fabulous, and actually sold the sexy in the ONLY TWO SECTIONS WHERE IT WAS CHOREOGRAPHED. The beginning, and the end were the only parts where the routine was set up to allow either one of them to play sexy, be all up in each other. And in those sections, he sold it ... well. And his lines, his technique, ah he's beautiful. And such a charmer. I adore him.

Still, I was sad ... there was a pall hanging over the entire show for me. No Neil. :(
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