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I admit it, when open-shirted Kent came out, I screamed. I have no shame.

Billy & (old)Lauren -- Aww, seriously? I'm not a major Billy fan or anything, but damn! Getting stuck with Lauren & Broadeway-Tyce while going first?!?! Could the guy get any worse a start this season? I do not think so. It was okay. Billy was clearly the best thing in it, and looked great. Lauren can dance, but she was still a beat behind him here and there, and her dang cutesy facial expressions still bug big-time. Billy really is a great dancer, and definitely outdanced Lauren, but they did seem to have a connection out there, I'll give them that. I really liked Adam's critique -- THAT's some good critique, and what I had hoped to see a lot more of last season. Hopefully he continues in this fashion.

Cristina & Mark(!) -- Hmm, Mark and Sonya, she's getting a much better start than did Billy. And just because it's my lj and I can ... MARK!!! And, of course, on MARK!!! the camera works gets all funky and we get half-screen. Ugh. Sucks for Mark-fans, and well, poor Cristina. Ah, fixed. Interesting, Mark was fabulous, and it's true it was a bit difficult to concentrate on Cristina, but Nigel is right, she DID manage to capture my attention more than I thought she would and that is high praise considering it was Mark with Sonya, and those two work very well together. And, you know, it was MARK!!! (I do like how the judges are NOW giving Mark all of the praise he should have gotten in overdrive during his season, just wish that he'd gotten it -- along with Chelsie -- during his season.)

Jose & Comfort -- I know there's not a lot of NappyTabs love out there, but I really liked this, and I thought Jose and Comfort did fantastic. Jose pulled off the attitude so very well. I really do like him lots, and I have from the beginning and I do think he's doing pretty damn great. Go Jose!

Adechike & Kathryn -- Travis, you're disgusting. *sigh* There's sexy and there is sleazy, and this definitely crossed the line into sleazy. Ugh. As for Adechike? Great dancer, but deadly boring and a serious lack of stage presence. SERIOUS LACK. Just no all-around. God, judges stop tongue-bathing the choreographers ... especially when they don't deserve it. Double ugh!

Melinda & Pasha -- I'm sorry, but she annoys me. She referred to herself in the third person. Ugh. But Pasha!! The dancing, well, Pasha looks fantastic, but Melinda looks as sloppy as hell, hesitancy in steps, and her legs are too far apart in certain moves. Plus, she looked down at her feet a time too many, and at one point, stuck her tongue out like she was panting, showing that this is so not effortless on her part. I swear if the judges give her a tongue bath, I will be annoyed. She deserves critique, big-time. Thank you, Nigel. He called her out on it. Wow! (And, go me! a non-expert, I totally called the legs too far apart.) Good job, judges, I'm proud of you. And, to give her credit, I did like what she said at the end. Maybe she's just a pretentious git when she rehearses what she's going to say?

Alex & Allison -- Yay, I'm glad that we're getting an emotional side for Alex from the get-go because based on criticism so far, he needs it. He is glorious, but alas, this routine has all of the earmakrs of Sonya choreographer that I do NOT like. Ah well. I seem to be in the minority in my overall lack of Sonya-choreography love so this probably won't be a problem for most. Yeah, don't get the over-the-top reaction like, at all. Obviously in the minority here. Seriously? A new standard?! Seriously? Excuse me while my eyes roll so hard out that ... oh, yeah, just lost 'em, they've rolled out of my head and are down the hill.

Damn, young Adam Shankman is HAWT!!!!

Alexei & Twitch -- Good dancing, but uhm, three things: 1) Because of how small and petite she is, compared to the very tall and masculine-looking Twitch, them dancing together like that? Looked a wee bit skeevy. 2) I like her, I do, but I agree with what I've read about her now, the perma-smile HAS TO GO. So very wrong for most of this routine. 3) Hella boring dancing together, like these two have anti-chemistry. They seriously looked like they weren't even dancing in the same space when they weren't physically touching, and when they were? Yeah, skeevy, and anti-chemical. No.


Lauren & (sigh)Ade -- Erm, that was just kinda weird. Lauren was great though. She's a fantastic dancer, she really is, but I don't know if that routine is going to stand out much tonight. There were some good moves, and they worked well together, but it just didn't ... work. Yeah, what Nigel said. As Mia was talking, after she said about her being a flawless dancer, I said to myself: "She's blank." And that's it, she didn't connect, she needs to fill it out, yeah, fill in the spaces. I agree.

KENT!! & Anya(oh my!) -- WHEE!! KENT!! WHEE!!! KENT!!! Ahem. He did really good. Very sharp, great movements, and I love that he was selling the "OOH!" "AHH!" facial expressions that are staples of ballroom dancing. There was a little hesitancy here and there, but he did SELL the dance, the character and I totally bought him. Of course, I'm insanely biased as I love him, but still!!! And the bit after the music was FANTASTIC! You go, KENT!!! He had me clapping. OMIGOD! All through the talking with Kat about the lips and all that, I was laughing and clapping and just loving it and him. Oh, he's so precious. (And his nerves did not show at all. Good boy!)

Ashley & NEIL!!!! -- NEIL!!! I AM FILLED WITH JOY AND BLISS!!! NEIL!!! Ahem. It's Tyce, which sucks, but it's Tyce-contemporary so YAY!!! I generally LOVE his contemps. I liked this, some really neat moves, and great connection between them. Neil does SUCH a fantastic job creating characters and really selling the hell out of them, and Ashley did a great job matching him. I do think she's a strong dancer, but I have to be honest, yet again, I was so enraptured with Neil that I could barely look away from him. I just am so blinded by my love for him. I admit it so very freely. Beautiful routine, though, it actually got better on repeat and that may continue to be the case. It was a bit reminiscent of the 'dead daddy' dance he did with Lacey, but there was a sensuality to this one that (obviously and well should have been missing) was not in that earlier dance. Overall, lovely job. And, you know, NEIL!!! Let's see what the judges say. I don't know if I agree with the judges or not because I felt great emotion, but that may have just been from Neil because I certainly felt it from him.

Robert & Courtney -- Erm, he's pretty, but kinda too loose a dancer, and well, boring. Not impressed. Like at all. Although, it was very interesting choreography, very interesting. And his "quirkiness" is a bit annoying. Well, after tonight, I wonder why Robert was put through, despite the judges' tongue-bathing. And if they were going to have eleven, it should have been Anthony Burrell over him, or just go with ten and drop Adechike as well. :shrugs: Seriously, Adam? One of the best ever? Seriously!?!? Uhm, okay.

Fave routines:

NEIL!/Ashley (admittedly, this was a lot for NEIL!)

Fave dancers:


Bottom three guesses:


TOP CHEF -- Much shorter here. Basically, I'm annoyed because the show had the in-between question asking if Angelo was too cocky, and I'm like 'what?' He's not coming across as cocky, he's confident, and clearly DOES know his stuff. KENNY is the one who's coming across as an arrogant, cocky douche. GO TEAM ANGELO! He's my early favorite.

ETA: Was just reading around, and either the sheep are following in full-force tonight (hating on Angelo, loving major DB Kenny) or my douchebag alert is severely hampered. What horrible thing did Angelo do? He mentioned places he's worked, ooh! so bad. He claimed that he was going to do very well, uhm, he did. Kenny said he was going to do well, but in a much ruder way, and he was dismissive and insulting of Angelo, which Angelo wasn't of him. Seriously, I do not get it.
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