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True Blood premiere

Random, spoilery thoughts behind the cut. Pre-cut, I will say that as excited as I was to watch the premiere, actually watching proved my own contention that while the show has some great things about it, overall, it tends to meander, and can be a tad boring. Sorry, True Blood-lovers out there, but The Vampire Diaries hasn't had an episode with this much dead space since it's 2nd. I maintain that with only three eps less to its name, TVD is the far, far superior show -- nudity, profanity and violence aplenty or not. Still, I do enjoy True Blood, and the parts I like, I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like!

- Bill speaks and I groan with annoyance. What the hell is wrong with Stephen Moyer? Why on God's green earth does he talk in such an annoyingly stilted manner as Bill? I figured out pretty dang quickly that that is what annoys me the most about him.

- Heh, the French lady and her "fucking vampires, always this shit with them!"

- Hmm, recurring theme throughout the episode appeared to be that everyone thought Sookie didn't really want to marry Bill if she needed air after he asked.

- At this point, I was banging my legs on my bed yelling "I WANT ERIC!!" I missed some of Sam (or Jason's, I don't remember) dialogue during this. I did not care.

- Oh, I'm SO VERY GLAD that Ian Somerhalder DID NOT get the role of Jason. He's already played the dumb, pretty boy (Boone on Lost), and all he got out of that career-wise was 'ooh, he's so pretty!' and being known for being the first regular killed off on Lost.) Thank God, he didn't get this role, and instead was around for Damon where he KICKS ASS and has made pretty much everyone who sees it, sit up and take notice at his awesome.

- Sookie to Pam: I don't have time for your weird lesbian thing tonight. HAH!

- ERIC!! My six favorite things about this scene:
    1) Eric is naked. Duh.

    2) "I'm still with this theory, thank you very much." I love Sookie, I really do. I so wish she wasn't wasted on Bill. *sigh*

    3) I love Eric's oh so unsubtle comments about his desire for Sookie right to her face, LOL!

    4) Sookie very specifically making sure to not look, erm, down.

    5) Sookie's reaction to his stamina, and his comment about her reaction. Hah!

    6) Did I mention that Eric was naked?
- I just love Lafayette in general still. And Jessica. And Pam's pretty awesome. And she hasn't been a hooker for a long time.

- I'm not very happy with the Tara direction. I want happy, sassy, bitchy, snarky, Sam-lusting Tara back.

- Speaking of Sam? Okay, I finally found someone that Bill has chemistry with because DAYUM! was that Sam/Bill fantasy (damnit!) HAWT!?!? More please, much, much more. And let's actually get somewhere next time.

So overall, there were some good moments, some funny moments/lines, hot Eric, some Eric/Sookie. But I know I won't be jonesing for the new episodes. I'll just watch 'em when I get to 'em. The show just isn't that fantastic. It's good. Yeah.
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