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JD/KB on E!Daily (separately ... of course)

JulieBnhjunkie posted this on The LoVe Shack:

For anyone who can catch the repeat tonight (11 ESt) KV had clips of both of them.

The first was Matt C (Logan from GG) and JD on the red carpet. Matt was saying he had just introduced himself to JD saying he loves the show, loves JD's work, etc. And Poor Jason, you could tell he must have been hot. His shirt was half off and he was obviously trying to get it back on before they went in front of the camera. Pretty cute though. I was thinking he could have left it off. The tee was fine imo. Jason trying to look presentable though, aww.

ETA: Matt was so cute though. Patting JD on the shoulder and shaking his hand and said he was completely stealing all of Jason's ideas all the while Jason just stood there smiling.

KV and KB kind of talked smack about Logan, grrr. Of course KV brought KB into it by saying she was worried he would screw things up. KB said, he always screws things up. He'll sleep with someone's mother and I'll forgive him and lose my self worth, etc blah, blah blah, it's a cycle. I was kind of upset that KV kind of lead her into this discussion. But whatever. I'm over these kinds of comments.

Plus, the editing sucks on these. Poor Jason didn't get a word in hardly. Just at the end.
Aww, Jason.

Uhm, Kristen, she loses self-worth by being with Logan, but not by being with the guy who dumped her without a word, raped and/or slept with her after she was raped (take your pick), ignored her, stalked her, treated her like shit when dating again, lied about their relationship to his family, and didn't inform her that he knocked someone else up. But that doesn't cause Veronica to lose her self-respect. Give me a frickin break!
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