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14 April 2010 @ 10:03 pm
AI Results  
Here be the results and one person I know is very happy right now. :)

Crystimsey lives on!!! Crystimsey being my own invention (haha!) Cry(tal)Tim(Ca)sey as my dreamed-for final three and so there you have it. CRYSTIMSEY!!! And they are all safe!! WOOHOO!!

But you know who isn't eolivet??!? That's right, KATIE IS GONE!!! Yay for you (and many other people on the interwebz who can not stand her). Not only Katie, but Andrew too. Yay! Wow, hard to believe that going into the semi-finals, Andrew was my favorite. Lordy! How things change. Anyhoo, Crystimsey are safe, that is what matters. (Aww, but Mamasox looked so sad about Katie going. Totally the mom in her. I almost feel bad, but then I recall how much I can't stand Katie's voice, and I'm okay. They can still be friends.)

What also matters (and annoys) is that I almost got to hear my beloved Brooke sing a beautiful rendition of my favorite Elvis song ("If I Can Dream"). I say almost because some dude who can't sing and was flat and off-key during most of it, sang with her and massacred the song. No matter how awesome Brooke sounded (and she did, oh she did), that dude SUCKED MONKEY-BALLS! Oh, why oh why, couldn't it have just been Brooke?!?!? Sigh.

Oh, and I may love Adam Lambert's CD (and that song is one of my faves), but I think I will never ever attempt to see him live because damn do his live performances not only do nothing for me, they annoy me as well. And I do like the guy, and love his CD. Just not watching him live. Nope.

Eh, but good AI news!!! ... Crystimsey lives another week!!!
eolivet on April 15th, 2010 12:05 pm (UTC)
Brooke was wonderful!! I do not think it was a coincidence that she showed up and someone with a far inferior version of "Let it Be" went home. ;p

Whenever I feel bad about hating her so much, I just remember how she was introduced on the show, and it all comes rushing back.

Adam Lambert looked like he was in the Riddler's cave in "Batman Forever," trapped in all that green light. Very strange. :p