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Finally got home and was able to watch the episode. Thoughts behind the cut ...

I think this was the best episode by far, to the point where I don't think any of the others come even close. Everything worked. I mean -- EVERYTHING! Character motivation, plot mechanics, song tie-ins, acting, writing, singing, etc. Just perfection.

Random thoughts --

- JONATHAN GROFF!! Damn, I love him so. His voice is impeccable, he's a fantastic actor and he and Lea Michele do have chemistry, and obviously still have that rhythm/spark from Spring Awakening. Plus, they sound amazing together. "Hello" is my all-time favorite song and hearing two excellent singers (including one I adore) sing it was awesome.

- IDINA MENZEL!! If we do not get to hear her sing, I will cry because she has an amazing voice. And I just love her. And, damnit!, tbey NEED to reveal that she is Rachel's mother because even I forgot how much the two actresses look alike.

- Did Cory Monteith take some singing lessons over the break? He sounded so much better tonight than he ever has. I was actually {gasp!} impressed. Great job.

- Okay, one complaint: Not enough Quinn. Grr, but the Finn/Quinn shipper in me liked the little moments in the beginning with them.

Again, overall fantastic job. And Jane Lynch "Vogue-ing" up was hysterical. Great video!
Tags: glee, idina menzel, jonathan groff, tv

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