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Monday Night Shows (and a little bit of Daniel/Betty squee!)

So I managed to finish all of Monday's shows and wanted to share some thoughts on each.

HIMYM - I truly think the bloom has worn off the rose with this show; actually I think that began last season. To continue the metaphor, this season, we're beyond that point, now the petals are now simply falling away. Still, with that said, there were a few genuine chuckles last night, more than I've experienced in most episodes this season. But, eh overall.

Life Unexpected - I don't think this show will be renewed, and that is a bit bummy, but not as much as it would have been beyond the first couple of episodes. I like it, but not as much as I originally did, or thought I would. It *was* a good episode last night, and Cate clearly making her choice was good for the Cate/Ryan fans, but I felt bad for Baze. I don't necessarily ship Cate/Baze, but I don't ship Cate/Ryan either. I think that from a writer-point of a view, Cate/Ryan work much better as a couple. However, from a chemistry point of view, Cate has better chemistry with Baze. The result is that I'm not passionate about either couple, and Lux lost her way as an interesting, original character for me part-way through, so yeah ... I like the show, but a cancellation won't really bother me.

DwtS - Wow, they really are sucking in the dancing department this year, aren't they? Honestly, only Nicole can dance well, with Evan, Erin and Pamela offering varying degrees of okay-ness and true potential. I still like Erin/Maks the best, but I'm not passionate about the show so far this year.

24 - YAY!!! WOOHOO!! HURRAH!!! And any other exclamation of joy. Renee is dead! I could NOT stand the actress -- as an actress, I'm sure she's a lovely person -- and so she made me unable to stand Renee. I was so expecting some happy ending crap type of thing for her and Jack at the end of the season, but that won't happen now. YES!!! Still, there was the happy crap type of thing prior to her shooting in tonight's episode that was just blech for me. But, awesome Chloe stuff, Jack angsting is always, erm, fun, Dalia Hassan continues to show that her cojones are big and manly, Logan is back ... and we've got six more hours to go. Woohoo!!!

TBBT - HI-larious episode. This is one of the best episodes so far this season. I really loved it, and laughed sooooooooo hard. And telling at how good it was is that it's still good if the writers/producers intended us to buy that Penny does secretly, but unknown to her, love Leonard. It was that funny, well-written and acted. On the other hand, if we were supposed to take what was on screen at face-value based on the performances and writing of Leonard/Penny this episode and throughout the seasons, the episode was fan-freaking-tastic!

In other news, Sheldon was adorable (garsh, I love Jim Parsons!), Howard was absolutely, disgustingly HYSTERICAL, and Raj was almost as adorable as Sheldon (Kunal does sweet, in his-own-world with absolute perfection). The few Sheldon/Penny scenes were a joy and a hoot to watch. Whatever you think of their romantic potential, I really don't think there's any denying that these two actors work exceptionally well opposite each other. Also, I liked the use of Wil Wheaton MUCH better this time. Last time it felt like the writers were like "OMGZ! WE GOT WIL WHEATON!!" and didn't bother to write a good and/or very funny episode around him, merely relying on "OMGZ! WE GOT WIL WHEATON!!" to make the episode work. This time around, he was woven well into the story and did a fabulous job as "evil" Wheaton. Great job, show. Great job. I. LOVED. IT.

Castle - It was okay, not bad, but it was not one of their stronger episodes. What saved it from pure meh-ness, as always, is the fabulous cast and their interactions. Oh, and Tom Bergeron is awesome -- I wish he hadn't died so early on. Kelly Carlson? Not so much, and I don't know if it's natural, but she looks *much* better as a blonde.

Non-Monday night news ... TWO MORE DAYS UNTIL THE UGLY BETTY finale!!! I am SOOOO obsessed with Daniel and Betty right now (see new header: squee!). Eek! I've been a fan since the Pilot, but actually seeing it begin to come to fruition as the last episode showed is sending me shipper-high!!! I'm having so much fun rewatching all of the early stuff. :D
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