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Sheldon/Penny Fic Recommendations

I've been meaning to do this forever, and so here it is. :) A few notes: The only fics listed are completed, and, yes, I have a few of mine listed because I do genuinely like how those came out. Also, it's not complete yet (I want to re-read some stories still). Anyhoo, behind the cut ...

There is no definitive genre, type in the following stories, they're all just damn good. I lean more towards happy times, but there are some angsty fics recced as well. Also, I have no problem with smut, so expect some sexy times fic along with the happy!

* The Agitator Malfunction by weasleytook (PG)
* The Apple Banana Bread Proficiency by arabian (G/PG)
* And As It Always Has, Rock Crushes Scissors by fujiidom (PG)
* As it Appears by d_sieya (PG-13)
* Basic Human Interaction by cereal (R)
* The Big Crunch Theory by gidget_zb (PG-13)
* Calling Bluffs (1) | Unsaid (2) | (3) by d_sieya (PG)-13
* Coffee by cereal (R)
* The Cooper Cheer Reclamation by nzhine (PG)
* The Cooper Methodology or How Sheldon Lost the Bet by so_pseudogoth NC-17
* Deliberately Provocative by elsiesnuffin (R-ish)
* Divergences by ladylioness (PG-13)
* Do Your Happy Dance by d_sieya (PG)
* The Duplicity Hypothesis (1 - The Blue Gingham Corollary) by mrsvc (PG-13)
* The Duplicity Hypothesis (2 - The Benedict Arnold Theorem) by mrsvc (R)
* The Duplicity Hypothesis (3 - The Sunshine Enlightenment) by mrsvc (R)
* The Effusive Discontinuation Enterprise by arabian (PG)
* Five Times Penny Doesn’t Touch Sheldon by d_sieya (PG-13)
* Fright Night by ishie (G)
* Get This Show on the Road (1) | There Was a Child Went Forth (1) | (2) by dashakay (PG-13) *
* The Good Part by weasleytook (PG)
* Experiments on Gravitation by cereal (PG)-13 pushing R
* Green with Something by cereal (PG-13/R?)
* How Penny Spent Her Summer by oso_intricate (PG)
* Levels of Like by muir_wolf (PG)
* Love in the Time of Science by neecoal Light (R)
* The Lucky Penny Tergiversate, I (1) | (2) | (3) | II rewrite (1) | (2) | (3) | (4) | (5) by oso_intricate (PG-13) (BEYOND AMAZING!)
* The Moonlight Cooties Infection by arabian (PG)
* Moonpie and Meemaw (bbtomgwtfbbg) by damalur (PG-13)
* No Thanks to Waffles and Cast Iron by fujiidom (R)
* Observations on the Uncommon Beach Nerd by elffriend26 (G)
* On Checking the 'Check Engine Light' by fujiidom NC-17
* Original of the Species by spaceanjl (PG)
* Perception by d_sieya (PG)-13
* Pièce de Résistance by arabian (G)
* The Plato's Stepchildren Gambit by ishie (R)
* The Potted Orchid Proposition (1) | (2) by rj_anderson (PG)
* Red Gauntlet by damalur (R)
* Seven Times Leonard Doesn't Suspect Anything is Going on with Sheldon and Penny and One Time He Does by dashakay (PG-13)
* The Social Networking Affliction by boonies (PG)
* Some Credit Now, Where Credit is Due by cereal (PG-13/slight R?)
* The Sonata by d_sieya (R)
* Spoiler Alert by d_sieya (PG-13)
* Swimming by split_the_ocean (PG-13)
* The Steep-Sided Gorge Excursion by weasleytook (PG-13)
* Under Your Tweeds, You Sweat Like A Teenager by fujiidom (R)
* The Universe and You (1) NC-17 | A Day in the Life (2) (R) | Life, In a Nutshell (1) | (2) | (3) by damalur (PG) *
* Waffling by ruby_caspar (PG)
* Warm Gulf Wind by ishie (PG)
* We're All in the Mood for a Melody by artic_fox (PG-13)
* What Happens, Stays by cereal (NC-17)

* There are other good stories in these series', but these are the ones that are my favorites.

If any author would like their story removed, just let me know and I'll do so.
Tags: fic recs, sheldon/penny, the big bang theory

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