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Ugly Betty -- Second to last ....

So, I've been watching Ugly Betty from the beginning, been a Daniel/Betty shipper from the beginning (love America Ferrera and Eric Mabius' chemistry), but have grown disheartened with all of the show's missteps. I actually was planning on giving up on the show before the start of this season, and then half-way through it, but I figured I'd shouldered on this long, I might as well see it through to the end.

And here we are, second to last episode just aired, with one more to go and where do we stand?


Aside from the Daniel/Betty -- which I will come to -- the show is doing a FABULOUS job wrapping up so much. Ignatio and his nurse, Hilda and Bobby, Justin's story being told so beautifully, and gasp! Amanda's father! So awesome how they pulled that one out. The characters are the characters I fell in love with with an added oomph of growth. Well, except for the rather lame Tyler/Willy/Claire crap, but let's be honest, it wouldn't be Betty without some roll my eyes cray-cray, right?

And that leaves us with .... aaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Daniel and Betty. Rushed, schmushed. They have been building towards this from day one, dangit. Yes, more groundwork this season would have been nice, but it's been there simmering under the surface for awhile, and with this new confidence Betty has, it makes sense that it's coming out now. Works for me. So many moments to love with them ...

- Betty essentially asking Daniel to be her date and him coyly accepting, squee!

- "Betty, is my hair thinning?" Hee! Daniel drunk-dialing Betty to ask questions like that, LOL!

- Daniel clearly not happy that he was being uninvited as Betty's date. Furthermore not happy about Henry. Jealous!Daniel/Protective!Daniel screwing up Henry's job offer, and then taking it back after his passionate fight with Betty. SQUEE!!

- Daniel seeing Betty in her wedding attire, the way he stopped still, the camera lingered on Betty standing there (America looking so beautiful) letting us see what Daniel was seeing. Ah, that moment was BEAUTIFUL!!!

- And so Daniel/Betty was the conversation that followed, the two of them in sync, knowing one another better than anyone else, being there for one another, looking out for the other. *sigh*

- Daniel coming into focus and seeing Betty during Hilda's speech, and Betty's gesture to come and sit by her, and his respectful (to Hilda) response. And then Hilda's words about love being knowing someone better than you know yourself and protecting them being the most important thing as Daniel took in those words and then his gaze lingered on Betty. SQUEEE!!!!!

- And then the two dancing, Daniel looking at her, Betty catching the look, but not the meaning of it, nor the meaning of his words about everything being right.


So next week we'll see what happens, but I simply can not believe that with all that happened tonight that we're not getting a Daniel/Betty happily-ever-after even if it's (a) a flashforward or (b) an obvious, yeah, they aren't there yet, but you totally know they WILL get there anvil.

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