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07 April 2010 @ 12:34 am
American Idol, top 9  
Eh, figured I'd talk about American Idol tonight ... So I know who I want in the final three, and only one has an almost 100% shot of being there, another has a pretty good shot, and the third, well, let's not even talk about those odds. Crystal (she'll be there), Tim (yeah, no), and Casey (pretty good). I just continue to like the three of them. I get that Tim's not the best, but I don't care. I like him. I like watching him perform, and I like the recorded versions of his songs. I would buy his CD. Other than Crystal, he's the only one I know that I would buy his CD if it were released tomorrow.

The theme was the Lennon/McCartney catalogue, and I didn't do the smartest thing yesterday. I knew that this was the theme last week, but didn't even think of that when I decided to listen to about gazillion of Beatles' greatest hits, including every song that was sung tonight except for Lennon's "Jealous Guy." And no matter how much I love Crystal and Tim, no one -- and I mean NO ONE (and, yup, I'm including Brooke White and Kris Allen) -- compares to the Beatles. Just not possible. So, yeah, I was pretty much disappointed to a degree with every single performance -- again, except for Casey because I'd never heard that song. With that in mind, so my rankings ...

1. Crystal Bowersox -- Yeah, yeah, I was a little disappointed, but she was still the best. What I did love about this performance was actually exactly what Kara said: There was a slinky, sexy quality that was fantastic. Her voice *was* affected by the cold, and she totally messed up the lyrics at one point ("broken fingers" voice slightly trails off, she repeats "coca cola" and then is back on target), but she covered fairly well. Still, even if it's one of my least favorite (of my favorite) Beatles' song, and with the cold/flub, she still has an amazing voice and I just love listening to her sing. Plus, she's adorable. I also am loving the fact that every week, it takes forever (compared to the other contestants) for Randy to start critiquing because the applause/ovation is so loud and sustained for her. Because, yes, she IS that awesome. And this is partly why I'm not worried about the Doolittle effect. Crystal CLEARLY gets the crowd going. She's got charisma out the ying-yang.

2. Casey James -- I expected all of the judges to actually name this one the best of the night, and was surprised that only Simon did. It was easily his strongest performance. He truly seemed to feel it, and if that vibrato is a bit too strong for my liking, I like him and his voice overall. Paired with a song that genuinely seemed to allow him to connect made this one a winner.

3. Tim Urban -- I don't care what is said about him, I love him. I like his voice, and unlike many, many others this season (ie, everyone but Crystal and Casey, natch!), he's consistently (gasp!) in tune. This was a good song choice for him, and I probably would have liked it more had I just not listened to the Beatles sing it. Eh, I still liked Tim's even if he so didn't compare. Sadly, I think the damning with faint praise (oh, and ^$(# you, Randy!, did you and Kara decide that you would be the most insulting judge against Tim this week?) was the judges' way of getting Tim ousted. They might succeed. Oh, Tim! I hope you beat the odds again, but I'm not holding my breath.

4. Michael Lynche - Too over-the-top, and he completely DID NOT get the song, or if he did, he completely DID NOT portray that. But, everyone else sucked so much more, he got 4th place. Cookie totally pwned him in re-arranging this song.

5. Siobhan Magnus -- Like Big Mike, she's so "high" on the list because everyone else was lame or outright sucked. This is a song that could have actually used some of her patented weirdness; as it was it was pretty boring with an inexplicable, jarring power note randomly thrown in and a lovely, lovely final note. Still, overall? Meh. She has a thickness to her voice that I just don't like.

6. Katie Stevens -- Brooke White performed "Let It Be." It was awesome. Kris Allen performed "Let it Be." It was awesome. Kate Stevens performed it tonight. It was not awesome. Sadly, it was still her best performance so far, yet, she was still meh. Please to be going home soon.

7. Andrew Garcia -- I am so off the Andrew train, I ain't even anywhere near the station. That was just bad.

8. Lee Dewyze -- Lordy, I couldn't even finish this and thus missed the bagpipes appearance. I am sorry, but dude yells every "power" note. He doesn't sing it, he yells it. And he doesn't enunciate and he sounds, I dunno, bored. Do not like his voice ... at all.

9. Aaron Kelly -- He's this low for one reason and one alone. Normally, I'd have him higher than a few others because I genuinely do think the kid can sing. However, "The Long and Winding Road" is my favorite Beatles song, and yeah, no, this was just painful listening to.

Hmm, predictions ...

Bottom three: The youngins' - Aaron, Tim and Katie.
Bottom two: Aaron and Tim (but I'm hoping it's Aaron and Katie)
Going Home: Aaron (please?), sigh, Tim (but I'm hoping it's Aaron or Katie)
ThroughAnAmberFocus: amberfocusamberfocus on April 7th, 2010 06:23 am (UTC)
My daughter actually chose not to vote for Aaron tonight for the first time. Even through her silly crush she could see that that so was not on. I agree on the weird power note with Siobhan. Totally ruined what was otherwise a sweet, tender moment. I still like Lee but it's still in that "smoky voice coming from the back of the tavern" way and not that "I want to go buy his record way." Tim and Crystal were my definite favorites. Unfortunately I missed Casey so will have to wait until tomorrow when he pops up on youtube to judge that one.
Arabian: Crystal Bowersox01arabian on April 7th, 2010 06:33 am (UTC)
Casey was really good. I think you'll enjoy his performance. And yay, you liked Crystal and Tim! Woohoo! :)
eolivet on April 7th, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
Crystal did something with the song that I've never heard from a cover: she actually made me more interested in the verses than the chorus. I LOVED what she did with the verses. It made me wish the whole song was just verses. :) I didn't want it to end!!! ;)

Tim Urban should be on "Survivor." :p I mean...he's been making great choices, every week (that's why he's still here!) Kara trying to backtrack on her "mean girl" comments to him last week was kind of sad. I'm always entertained watching Tim and he's got a pleasant voice and comes across as a nice guy. That's why he's still here, Kara.

Michael Lynche actually proved that, unless you are indeed the Beatles, "Eleanor Rigby" is best as a rock song. :p Though I don't know what Randy was smoking when he said it should be on "Glee" (?!?!)

Ugh, when I heard Katie was doing "Let it Be," I thought, "dammit, she's safe unless it's a total disaster." (And sorry, Simon -- was that country? 'Cause it sounded a lot like "torch song" to me :x )

Lee...was off-key the whole time. I don't know much about keys, but I do know that he sang at one point and I said "OW!" I want to like the kid, but his singing...yeesh. And you're glad you missed the bagpipe... ;p

As much as I'd dearly love Katie in B3, I think it's all men this week: Aaron, Tim and Andrew. Something about this week is screaming Andrew "shock" boot, I don't know... :x
Arabian: Kris Allen_01arabian on April 7th, 2010 04:26 pm (UTC)
She did make the verses interesting; I really enjoyed her take which surprised me because it's just not a favorite of mine. Can't wait to hear the recorded version. Regarding everything else, I pretty much agree but I still think Katie *might* slide in there. You're not the only one who can't stand her.