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American Idol thoughts ...

I can see the point of Miley considering her ridiculous success (although, her mentoring made more sense when the theme was teen idols), but ... meh. She pretty much offered nothing.

Only commenting on a few performances

- Paige ... Way to take my favorite song and ruin it. Ugh.

- Tim ... I don't care, I love him. Period. He was easily my second favorite performance of the night. I. Don't. Care.

- Crystal ... And she would be first. No one comes close, even with half of her song not even being lyrics, she was still amazing. And it was obvious how she energized the heck outta that crowd. Also, I think she's adorable. Her thing to Kara about repeating what she said to Ellen was just so dang cute. And sitting on the pretty rug? Hah, she's adorable. LOVE HER. Even if that song was insanely predictable. I can not wait to see her out of her wheelhouse. I really do think she'll be amazing.

- Casey ... I love Ellen, but telling him he had the best vocals after Crystal had sung? Like that? Hell to the no. Still, I liked him. Lots. Still don't love his voice, but I like it well enough, and I love his attitude, hair and eyes.

- Didi ... She disappointed tonight. Ah well.

- Siobhan ... The judges were on crack, that was a DISASTER. Period.
Tags: american idol, crystal bowersox, tim urban

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