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American Idol, Top 12

I really, really have issues with their supposed theme weeks lately because they are not theme weeks. They are one group/artist and that is simply NOT fair to all contestants because people sing differently. I don't care how big their catalogue is, it's still the same person singing/group performing. Go back to motown, broadway, country, etc. Those are themes and allow all different types of singers the availability to sing songs that can suit *their* voices and styles.

Michael Lynche - Blah, blah, he did good, I guess, but he does nothing for me.

Didi Benami - You know what? Despite the lyrics loss there, I honestly think this girl may be the dark horse. I LOVED her performance last week and I thought overall she did really great tonight. Go Didi!

Casey James - I like him, he doesn't have the greatest voice, he won't win, but I just like him.

Lacey Brown - I can't help it, I like her, she's grown on me, buuuuut, she needs to learn a lot more control. I find that I like her tone (and I think she may sound really, really pretty recorded), still, there were definitely bum notes and, again, she needs to work on that control.

Andrew Garcia - The recorded version might make it work, but this just didn't fly, even with the big notes. I'm sorry, I want to love him again, but it isn't happening as of yet.

Katie Stevens - Eh, I don't like her voice. It sounds too, I dunno, heavy? Regardless, I don't care, she's here and Lily Scott isn't. That works for me. For this week.

TIM URBAN!!! - I'll lay it out, I only know a few Rolling Stones' songs, so I didn't know this one from Adam. It was Tim, he looked pretty, he sounded good, I love him. End of story. I am all about my bias with him, I admit it freely. *And* I love what he said to Ryan, he could never have sold a Rolling Stones song like Mick Jagger; he just isn't capable of it, so he was true to himself and what could possibly work best for him. So there.

Siobhan Magnus - Seriously? Because she can scream a big note in the middle of a plodding, badly performed song, she's brilliant and standout? I so do not think so. Other than the final note, I thought this was an awful wreck. I'm back to how I felt after "Wicked Game" week one of the semi-finals. Whatever judges.

Lee Dewyze - True story. About 20 seconds in I decided to type in "bored now" only, but realized that wasn't fair and so genuinely listened and then without even realizing it my thoughts drifted to the semi-finals round this season, last season, and then how it sucked that season one had so little performances because of the different format, and then I was like 'oh crap!' I completely blanked his performance out, so, long entry made short: Bored now.

WHEEE!! Dianna Agron's in the house! LOVE HER!

Paige Myles - *sigh* I miss Katelyn. Impressive with the laryngitis. I will give her that, but, bored still.

Oh my gosh! Only two singers left? Wow, Crystal might get the pimp spot?

Aaron Kel-- screeeeeeech! Hold that thought, first with this breaking news: Crystal Bowersox does indeed get the pimp spot. Also? The Pope is Catholic. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Aaron Kelly - I actually think he did a pretty good job. Good for you, Aaron. I think that was one of the best of the night. Yeah, I said it.

CRYSTAL BOWERSOX!!! - I LOVE CRYSTAL!!!! And what I was thinking after she finished is how people keep comparing her to Melinda Doolittle in terms of the talent and comfort on stage as proof that she won't win, but I think there's a key difference. Crystal's exciting when she performs, the stage comes alive, she's dynamic. Melinda wasn't. Personally, I thought this was the best of the night, and in no universe did Siobhan outsing her (at all!), but I love how Crystal without thought complimented Siobhan (which I do think she meant), because I don't want people to think that *she* thinks she's got it in the bag. And I don't want people to get complacent or to turn against her because she's the front-runner. She is awesome and deserves to win. I think she handled Simon's comments perfectly, with the Siobhan compliment, and not just saying that she's never thought she had in the bag, but making it real by adding that cheeky grin, "but thank you for saying so." She's adorable, and I love her. And, you know, maybe Simon is saying stuff like this to make sure she doesn't get the full backlash. :shrugs:

One more thing, re: Crystal. The main reason I was bummed about this being Rolling Stones week is because I knew there would be plenty of songs by them in her wheelhouse, and I want to see her bring her style to a different type of song. I think it will be AWESOME!

Top three for me:

Aaron (I know!!)

Who will be bottom three:


I know that's four, but I can't decide among them. Going home? Probably Katie or Lacey, the former I'd prefer, the latter will make me sniff with disappointment. But really, end of the night, it's all about Crystal!
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