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American Idol, top 8 Girls (aka TIM!)

It's the boys ...

- Lee Dewzye - I'm sorry, I give up. He bores me, he bores me senseless.

Verdict: But he's staying, I'm sure.

Alex Lambert - Eh, he's good, I guess, but I don't like that slightly nasal tone to his voice, and he just does absolutely nothing for me as a performer.

Verdict: I think he's got some popularity, so I think he's sticking around.

Tim Urban - YAY!!! I knew he had it in him. I agree that he picked a horrific song the first week, but I liked him then. I LOVED his performance last week -- his song has been on my head non-stop since then -- and this week? Oh, he was wonderful. Such a clear, sweet rendition of "Halleluja!" You go, my TIMMY!!!! WOOHOO!! With this performance, he's easily taken my favorite guy spot. (Of course, we'll see what Andrew Garcia and Casey James do, but I really think it's Tim's for sure now and he's my 3rd favorite overall.)

Verdict: He sailed through even with that first awful week, and was safe last week, so I'm thinking with such a strong performance, the judges' blessing, that adorable face (and killer bod!), he'll make it to the top 12. Woohoo!

Andrew Garcia - Oh, Andrew, no, I don't think this worked. I really don't. Except for the ending -- where he DID make it his own -- the rest of it was just ... weird. I agree with the judges this time, but Simon really nailed it with the "desperate," because I do think that's it. He's trying to recapture a moment, and it's just not working.

Verdict: I'm not sure; I don't know if "Straight Up" is enough to see him through three weeks of weak performances (although, admittedly, I did like his first week personally), so I don't know. He may be in trouble.

Casey James - He sold it tonight much better than he has in the past; I actually think he also sounded his best since "Bubbly," but I didn't know the song and so a lot of the words I didn't understand. He needs to work on enunciating. Not his best, but I can't help but like him.

Verdict: He's a good enough singer, and he's so damn pretty and likable, I'll be shocked if he's booted before the top 12.

Aaron Kelly - Love this song. He can sing, he's cute, but he's so young and it shows. Still, showing my lack of love of the top 24 overall, he's got one of the best voices of the boys. I pretty much agree with Randy word for word (shocker!). I stand up for Kara often because I do mostly like her, but Simon was absolutely right.

Verdict: I'm sure he'll make it through. Barring a breakdown of every other singer in the top 12 though, he has absolutely no shot of winning.

Todrick Hall - Seriously? Queen, Todrick? Okey-dokey. Into the first verse and I'm thinking, 'he's going home.' Not a good job. I disagree so mightily with Randy. No Kara, there were lines where the singing was not good.

Verdict: I think he's going home; I really disagree with the judges, but we'll see tomorrow.

Michael Lynche - He's good, and he's very likable, but I'm just not a fan of his singing style. This was very good if you do like his voice though. Oh, Kara, whatever. Sorry, I think that Tim was better, and in NO WAY was this the best performance so far. Hello, Crystal? Last night? THAT WAS THE BEST SO FAR. Whatever, Simon!

Verdict: He'll fly into the top 12.

Who's going home tomorrow? (And my picks for last week were right on the money.)

Girls: Katie and Paige are my best bets, but Lacey might go in Paige's place.
Boys: Todrick and Andrew? I dunno, maybe Lee and/or Alex? Possibly my beloved Tim? I think that Michael, Casey and Aaron are the only ones I'm sure we'll make it through of the guys.
Tags: american idol, tim urban, tv

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