Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Monday Night CBS sitcoms! (Boo & Yay!)

HIMYM - Yup, I'm actually writing about this one. Shocker, I know. First off, Jennifer Lopez was good, but I really prefer her with darker hair. Secondly, and the reason I'm writing this up is that I was beginning to think that here was finally an episode that heralded to the glory days of HIMYM, and then they ruined it. Twice-over. I'm sorry, I don't buy that Robin's been mourning her relationship with Barney ... at all. Nothing we've seen since then makes the mourning we saw in flashbacks believable. Whatever, show. And then Barney gives the super-date to Robin and Don -- a guy she deserves. What. the. Fuck. Ever. Show? DIE IN A FIRE!

But one positive thing: I LOVED how they did the Ted-singing-superdate song. THAT is how they should have done a musical episode. And my, Josh Radnor has a lovely voice.

TBBT - On the other hand, but for an issue with the final two scenes (minus tag) that I hope will be lessened by a rewatch, most of this episode was HI-larious. I was laughing SO, SO HARD!!! Other than the principle of just not liking to deal with L/P as a couple and the obnoxious number of references to it tonight, I was ADORING this episode. Until the last two scenes. Leonard, who has, BY FAR, been the worst friend to any of them this season, turns around and angrily yells at all of them being awful, terrible friends. And then to top it off, he took the ring and then lied to his friends. HOW IS HE SUPPOSED TO BE A ROOT-A-BLE GUY!?!?!?!? Seriously, writers, stop it. I want to love Leonard again. You are not making it easy.

Had they not made Leonard SO angry and judgemental of the other three in the final scene with the group, I would have been fine with that and the following scene. But there was just way too much hypocritical anger to make either scene work for me.

Still, there was so much hilarity in this episode, I can't not love those parts of it. Especially the four-way plie. Oh, I was DYING!
Tags: himym, the big bang theory, tv

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