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Oscars reaction

Pretty much everywhere in the news, but still...

I just watched The Hurt Locker today, and I've loved Kathryn Bigelow since Strange Days, so I was thrilled with her win and the film winning. (I haven't seen all of the nominated films yet -- Inglorious Basterds, An Education, A Serious Man and Up in the Air are what I haven't seen -- but of the the six I have, I'd definitely have given it to this.

Sandra Bullock didn't deserve the nomination, let alone the win, but I don't care because I love her and I loved her speech. I teared up. :) Her and all of the other acting wins went exactly as expected. And as much as I did think Meryl Streep deserved it because her Julia Childs was amazing, since it's been so long since she's won, I'm okay with her not winning for this because I'd like to see her win again (and she damn well better) for a brilliant performance in an all-around brilliant film. I've only seen the actress categories winners, but Monique DEFINITELY deserved that Oscar. That was a fantastic, shattering performance.

On the shallow end, favorite dresses: Anna Kendrick and Cameron Diaz (and I don't evgen like Diaz). ETA: Oops, I forgot, I also loved Queen Latifah's dress.

Martin and Baldwin were okay. It was nice seeing NPH singing, but it just didn't really fit the show. The dancing segment was well-done, but why the heck was Kayla the only one who really got such face time? (And over the closing credits too!) Ugh! Overpimped as always. I did recognize her, Kathryn, Russell, Travis and I think Jacob. Which other dancers from So You Think You Can Dance did I miss? The Stiller-Avatar joke was hilarious, and Tina Fey/Robert Downey Jr. were by far *the* best presenters. Loved them.

Oh, and after watching The Hurt Locker, I'm joining the rest of the world who's seen him in anything, and I'm officially in love with Jeremy Renner. Now excuse me while I go to Netfix and find all of his films, thankyouverymuch!
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