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02 March 2010 @ 10:21 pm
American Idol, top 10 guys  
Guys instead of the girls tonight. Thoughts behind the cut, but first, I frickin' love Ellen. Period.

- Jermaine, I agree. Onesies are awesome. In fact, I'm wearing some right now. :) With that said, I agree completely with the judges. And sweetie, you gotta stop singing the songs of my Idol boys. Last week it was Justin Guarini's "Get Here," this week it's Kris Allen's "What's Going On." Next week will he sing a David Cook song? I hear him sing these songs, and my mind automatically flashes back to their performances. Yes, it was eight years ago, BUT, Justin's "Get Here" is one of the most memorable performances from this show. And for goodness' sake, Kris won LAST YEAR! Don't sing a song he did, even if it wasn't one of his better-known ones.

- Todrick, echoing the judges, just sing the damn song. You can sing, but I'm forgetting that with your awful song choices and effed-up arrangements.

- Casey, you're very pretty, but I'm thinking the vibrato/nasally-tone are not going to work for me. Especially in that type of song. But I can't not like him so I'm still hoping I'll get another "Bubbly" that will justify my loving him beyond the pretty and sweet attitude.

- I agree that Alex Lambert has a VERY radio-friendly voice, however, it's not *my* style of voice. I just don't like his voice; it's got a touch of that nasal. He did do better than last week, but he's just not my style.

- Michael Lynche did start the show out well, that was a strong performance, but again ... I don't like his voice. It's just a bit too nasally for me. I'm not a fan of the nasally voice, and we've got SO MANY this year on both sides (boys and girls). Sigh.

- I do not like saying this, but I was very disappointed in Andrew Garcia this week. I disagree with the judges, I thought last week, he was fabulous (and repeated listenings have confirmed that), but this week? No. The nasallyness of his voice was more pronounced, and he just did a carbon copy mostly cover of that song, and then sang enough of it off-key to be noticeable. Ikes.

- Lee Dewyze is good, but his voice is just so ... same-y to me (but thank goodness it's not nasally, so I'm not ready write him off yet). I don't know, maybe this will be another one that a few fresh listens to makes it better (like last week's did), but frankly, his voice and performance skills bore me. But I want to like him, because? No nasally!

- I thought Aaron Kelly was okay, not as ghastly as I originally felt about last week's performance, and again, like Dewyze, he might be one that I like much better upon repeated listening, but that's not what this competition is about. It's not about re-listening to only the audio later. It's about the LIVE PERFORMANCE, and neither Dewyze nor Aaron do it for me live. *sigh*

- I don't care, I like Tim Urban. I like his attitude, and dangit, I *like* his voice. I thought he sounded pretty darn good overall. I agree with Simon. So there other judges.

- The reason I'm listing John Park last is because I COMPLETELY FORGOT HIM. I wrote all of this while the DVR was paused on Dewyze's critique and could not for the life of me remember the tenth singer. (Timmy I remembered and wanted to save him for last!) I had to watch the run-through with numbers to call to get John Park's name. And, I don't even remember the song he sang. I know what he sang last week because Mikayla Gordon did a gorgeous version of it on her semi-final rounds (and that one performance basically kept her in the competition long after she should have been cut, it was THAT good), but this week? I don't know. I'm gonna have to unpause the DVR.


Ah, that's right: John Mayer's "Gravity." *sigh* Look, I'm a John Mayer fan, I love him. Yeah, yeah, he can be a complete asshole and has said asshole-y things, but he's also supremely talented, can be an absolute sweetheart, he's wicked funnty and really smart, plus he's hopefully learned his lesson after his last PR disaster. I'm saying that because I do have a bias, and I'm familiar with this song. The judges were absolutely right. I kept hearing/seeing John Mayer and his version as playing in my head was much, much better than John Park. So yeah, not only do I think he's not going to make it ... I don't think he should.

Yup, so that's it for the guys. The girls tomorrow; I hope that Crystal is okay (I've heard she went into a brief diabetic coma, and came out of it, but that was the reason for the doctor's pronouncement. She apparently has type 1 diabetes).
Dianabutterfly on March 3rd, 2010 06:25 am (UTC)
I agree with you completely on Andrew Garcia. He took a real step back this week.

Tim Urban was so much better this week than last week. I enjoyed his performance.
eolivet on March 3rd, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
And for goodness' sake, Kris won LAST YEAR! Don't sing a song he did, even if it wasn't one of his better-known ones.

Really good point, actually -- I'd forgotten Kris sang that song...

The reason I'm listing John Park last is because I COMPLETELY FORGOT HIM.

Seriously. And I had such high hopes for him...

Lee Dewyze is good, but his voice is just so ... same-y to me

I was just saying to someone else that I really, really want to like this guy -- I do like his voice and I like him (and he's from the town where I lived when I was a little girl ;p ) but it's too...not!David Cook and not!Kris Allen and I just don't know whether I can do another "moderately attractive white guy with a guitar* who changes songs up" for the third straight year. :/

* I know Kris played the piano, too. :p
beatlegirl59 on March 3rd, 2010 07:27 pm (UTC)
I like Tim Urban too! And Andrew was sooo disappointing this week. Bummer.