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True Blood - watched the whole show so far ...

Take a look at my icon, and I dare *anyone* on my flist to tell me they are surprised. Seriously, I dare you! Okay, so per my usual, random thoughts behind the cut. (And I really, really do not think this will be long. For reals. I was wrong, but so not as long as I normally write, so go me!)


I watched this when it first premiered because I'm a huge Anna Paquin fan. I've seen almost all of her films, and I generally love her to bits. So I watched this. And discovered after a few episodes, an utter and visceral dislike for Stephen Moyer (Bill) as an actor. I'm sure he's a lovely, lovely fellow in real life, after all Anna Paquin is engaged to him, and Anna Paquin is awesome, I can't believe that she would date, let alone become engaged, to a non-lovely, lovely fellow. But, dear Lord, I could not stand him on screen. So I stopped watching after the first three episodes.

And then I kept seeing random Alexander Skarsgård is the hottest thing ever, and Eric and Sookie are *the* couple, and blah to Bill and Sookie. I also read bitchings and random spoilers, so I've been well aware of what I'd be getting into should I ever decide to give the show a chance again. But did I listen? No, I decided to give the show a chance again.

The good news it that I no longer viscerally detest Stephen Moyer. I think I built up my dislike of his performance-skills so much that seeing it again, he wasn't nearly as awful as I remembered. He's mildly good-looking, but MY GOD! that vampire make-up is utterly dreadful on him. It makes him look about ten years older than he is. Not. a. good. look. He's a passable actor, with limited charisma. But he's not bad; he's not awful. So there's that.

The show overall? It's hot-boiler eh, saved by awesome actors and the crazy. That pretty much sums it up.


Long section made really short? But for Bill, all the characters are pretty awesome! But what fun is short?

Sookie: She's awesome. Screw the haters, I LOVE Paquin, and I love her Sookie, period. I love her innocence, paired with her temper. I love her sass and passion, her morals and her good heart. She. is. awesome.

Bill: On the other hand? He. is. not. Seriously, out of every vampire story I've ever read, Vampire Bill easily wins the category of most boring, annoying vampire EVER! Now were Stephen Moyer a great actor, really good-looking or insanely charismatic, able to turn the most ordinary of lines into awesome-sauce (ahem, see Alexander Skarsgård), Bill would work. The gorgeous, charismatic, beautifully performed Bill would be a noble hero of the highest order. You would root for him to keep his hard-fought for humanity, alternately cheer/mourn when his vampirism got the better of him, and sigh and squee over his relationship with Sookie. But when the actor is (sorry) Moyer, a passable, reasonably attractive, barely charismatic actor? You're pretty much screwed and left with THE. MOST. BORING. ANNOYING. VAMPIRE. EVER!!!!!!

Tara: After the first season, Tara was actually my favorite character, but she lost some of her luster due to the storyline in season two, but I still like her. She's so fucked up, and so honest with everyone but herself (for the most part). I feel bad for her because of Eggs, but I can't help it, I still want her and Sam to make it. I doubt it will happen, but I have a soft spot in my heart for them.

Lafayette: His is the character I think they've done the most with, and oh so interesting. Nelsan Ellis has done a great job in showing the depth behind the character. He's my third favorite character overall.

Eric: He's awesome. He's the kind of vampire that should be written as the frickin' lead vampire for once. Fun, snarky, evil, but not too evil, just awesome! And he's so big and tall and masculine and yummy! Skarsgård's done a great job with so little.

Jason: What a dumbass! But he provided one of my favorite lines: "I love the smell of nail polish in the morning!" (LMAO!) Really interesting character growth for him as well. He's not a favorite, but I appreciate his place on the show and Ryan Kwanten does a good job with the character.

Sam: I like the character, and actor, but overall he's just kinda ... there.

Maryann: I will always worship at the altar of Michelle Forbes' awesomeness. No exception to this role. I just wish she wasn't playing the big bad in season two, thus departing. She deserves to be a big star, she is AMAZING, and has been since she kicked ass as Sonni/Solita on Guiding Light years ago.

Jessica: She's another one who's just awesome. And Deborah Ann Woll is doing a lovely job. And she's the only character who doesn't make Bill look so fucking annoying as shit. His bad parenting is amusing.

ETA: Meant to list my favorite characters in order (only characters we see often enough, not recurring/gone like the Queen or Maryann):

- Sookie
- Eric
- Layfayette
- Tara
- Jessica
- Jason
- Andy
- Sam
- Arlene
- Pam
- Terry
- Hoyt (although, I wasn't happy with what he said to his mom at the end, no matter her issues, she's still loved and raised him on her own after her husband shot himself)
- Sheriff Bud

- Eh, fine, Bill


So, yeah, I do ship Eric and Sookie. I'm not psychotically into them (hello Sheldon/Penny!), but they are hot, totally have chemistry and *should* be the it couple. Oh, Alan Ball, you are your never-ending hard-on for the utterly lame-ass Bill. Sigh.

I also mini-ship Tara and Sam, but I'm not holding out any hope there. You'd think I'd ship Tara/Jason due to the backstory, but I just haven't seen enough of them in any kind of real romantic, even sexual situation to get a feel for them as a pair. As of now? Nah.


I'm not expecting any great television here, and I'm not expecting even a remotely happy ending for Eric and Sookie, but I'm going to enjoy what we get. :shrugs:
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