Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Voted off of AI

Well, the results are in for week one ... and OOH!!!! KRIS ALLEN! Who remains the height of awesome*. LOVE. HIM. SO. MUCH! I wonder if he recorded the whole song as well and that will be available also, as well as the live performance? Hmmm. Now if someone could just do a mash-up of Brooke and Kris' version of "Let It Be," I'd be quite grateful!

Okay, the cuts -- sigh, before they happened, I said to myself that as long as Crystal, Janell, Didi, Kately, Casey and Andrew were safe, I'd be happy. Five out of six ain't bad, huh?

I'm really bummed that Janell got cut, especially when I feel there were MUCH worse singers left standing (erm, sitting), and it was the dreaded bad song choice, but I still feel there were much worse. Ah well. At least the other three ladies I liked stuck around. And both of my guys made it. As for who else went? Color me shocked, but pleased that Ashley Rodriguez is gone (I don't think she should have been put through based on her initial audition, and nothing changed my mind on that). Also, I'm pleased that Tim Urban made it through. He's pretty, and has a lovely voice. He just chose a terrible, terrible song. Joe was forgettable, and Tyler -- so promising in the beginning -- was just too, too much, and came across as completely fake. Ah well.

Onto next week ....

ETA: * Oh me, I so did not mean to make a tad bit of a pun on bb Kris' height. He's the pocket Idol and I love him.
Tags: american idol, brooke white, kris allen, tim urban, tv

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