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Olympics: Ladies short program

Okay, my thoughts on the top six ladies tonight. Warning, if you're a Rachael Flatt fan? You won't like what I have to say about her. Just lettin' you know.

Okay, someone who knows more about figure skating than I needs to explain why Mao Asada and Kim Yu-Na's scores were SO MUCH higher than Mirai Nagasu's. I get that she did a triple/double combo, but does ONE jump really make that huge a difference? Mirai's spins were GORGEOUS, her footwork, her grace, her spiral sequence, her jumps landed, all beautiful. Asada? Ugh. Big-whoop-dee-doo! She landed a triple axle, but her spins looked slower and she traveled while spinning. Her arms were flailing about like nobody's business, she isn't terribly fluid and frankly did nothing that stood out to me other than one flippin' jump. As for Yu-Na, yes, she's a beautiful fluid skater, extremely musical, but other than her triple/triple combo, what did she do that was so much better than Mirai? I'm really curious to know what it was that gave the two of them 12/15 points over Mirai. If it's just the damn jumps, then I'm really pissed. I am SO tired of the stupid jumps being the begin-all and end-all of this sport. Ugh! If there was more intricacy, difficulty and higher levels in the other areas, I get it. But I'm still bummed that Asada with her not-quite graceful skating wasn't knocked down more for that.

My heart goes out to Joannie Rochette. I lost my mother in 2001 and I was a complete wreck the following month, so to see her in this situation only a few days later, I so feel for her. I think she's out there skating her absolute best because she has too. If not, why is she there, now with this happening to her. So she's skating for her mother. She has to. She's a beautiful skater, lovely lines, her jumps, her movements graceful, but being honest, I can't be objective about her. I feel too much because of what happened. I get why Scott was crying, I was.

Blech! Rachael Flatt. Oh, look! It's America's own Frankenstein's Bride on Ice. Ooh, she landed all her jumps, never mind that she looked like she was plowing through snow in order to complete all of her moves. Let's give her credit because she's a workhorse! Blah! A little grace, musicality, presence would be nice to see as well. And her scores are exactly WHY I hate the reliance on the technical aspect of the sport. Yes, the technical is important, but I wish so very, very much that the artistic component got *at least* as much credit as does the technical. If it did, Rachael Flatt would NOT be an National Champion, she wouldn't even be on the podium. But, of course, the technical is sooooooooo much more important than the artistic, so here she is. And scoring higher than the beautiful, graceful, piquant Mirai. What. The. Eff. Ever.

Miki Ando, she's been around awhile. She's good, but she doesn't have much flow in and out of her transitions, slow in her movements and her spirals are shaky, as well as the landing of some of her jumps. But she landed a triple/triple combo, she'll be above Mirai. Stupid jumps being so damn important, never mind that so much was so not clean, and her work wasn't nearly comparative to Mirai, yet she gets higher than her simply because of a stupid triple/triple combo.

Almost done, but first a bit more on Yu-Na ... I've heard nothing but superlatives about her, and I can't quite see what it is that is so amazing about her, but she is easily my third favorite skater on the ice. And to be fair, my thoughts on Rochette are influenced by what she's going through. Yu-Na does have a special quality, that I can definitely see. But I still love my Mirai bestest, and other than having a triple/double combo as opposed to a triple/triple (or triple axle/double) combo, I don't know why she scored so much less than the top three, and why the hell flippin' Flatt scored above her ... again! Double ugh!

My favorites ...

01 Mirai Nagasu
02 Joannie Rochette
03 Kim Yu-Na

At the end of it, I get why Yu-Na, Rochette were higher than Mirai, but no one else. I guess I just can't tell the difference in the spins, footwork, etc. to explain the degree of such higher points over Mirai that the other skaters had though. Ah well, at least Mirai is in the top six and thus will be in final group of skaters. That's something at least.
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