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American Idol, top 12 girls

Thoughts on the first night of girls ...

- Paige Myles - Before: I had no opinion of her as they'd not shown her. After: Watching her sing, she has a great voice, but she needs to learn how to enunciate. She does have stage presence, though. I'd give her a 6/10

- Ashley Rodriguez - Before: Didn't like her. I think she has a nasal-y voice and was already pimped too much by the judges. After: Bad song choice, too big for her, some of those notes were painful. I pretty much agreed overall with the judges. 3/10

- Jannel Wheeler - Before: I liked her lots. She was on my list of top five favorites overall. After: Oy! Bad, bad song choice. Bad song choice. But she does have a lovely voice; I hope she takes the judges' comments to heart (again, I mostly agreed with them) because I think she has a strong potential. 5/10

- Lilly Scott - Before: Do. Not. Like. Her. After: Still. Do. Not. Like. Her. She can sing, but damn does she rub me the wrong way. I don't like her tone, I don't like her style, I don't like her facial expressions. I do not like her. Sorry. 2/10

- Katelyn Epperly - Before: Liked her lots. She was on my five faves list. After: I agree with Ellen. As she was singing, I was thinking that she was trying too hard, pushing too much. Still, there was not a bum note to be found, and for the first night out? That's pretty damn impressive. I still think (as I said way back when I first saw her) that she can go far. (And Simon agrees.) 7/10

- Haeley Vaughn - Before: She's cute, but she bugs. I don't like her lispy voice. After: Color me shocked! I LOVED her performance. Such a youthful, fun take on such a well-known classic. She added a sweet note of tenderness, first love, yearning ... it was great. Yeah, there were bum notes, but I liked her style. You're moving on up on my list, Haeley! But clearly moving down on the judges' list. I liked it more than they did clearly. 5/10 (I rewatched it and it's already waning a bit, so I knocked my original score down a bit.)

- Lacey Brown - Before: No opinion. After: Horrified. Just, yeah, no. Simon? THAT was terrible. Ah, the judges' agree; it was baaaaaaad. 0/10

- Michelle Delamore - Before: Vaguely remembered her. After: Gorgeous girl, good voice, but boring, and she went off on some vocals in the middle section, plus, it was very carbon-copy of the original. I agree with Simon and Kara pretty much 100%. 5/10

- Didi Benami - Before: One of my top five faves. After: Completely shallow note, but my GOD! that is NOT a flattering vest. It makes her hips look as big as a house. Eek! Okay, sorry, she's going to sing now and I'm back to thinking her voice is a bit too Megan Joy Corkrey-ish and that's not a good thing in my book, but I *think* that she can grow on me because I like so much about her. I don't think that was a fair criticism from Simon about the singers sounding alike, because, duh! you put in three people (Didi, Lily and Lacey) who have THAT type of singing voice. And I liked her song choice. But, yeah, no star presence. I still like her though. 6/10

- Siobhan Magnus - Before: Eh, hadn't grabbed me. After: Awful song choice. First line alone announced that. And on and on it goes proving it. Not a good song choice. No. Indulgent? Simon, *this* is indulgent. Boy, oh, boy did I disagree with the judges or what?! 2/10

- Crystal Bowersox - Before: She was my favorite girl, 2nd fave overall. After: Damn, I love her voice. End of story. I just love her voice. Love it. However, I do agree that I would like to see her take on a song that's not a predictable song for her. 8/10

- Katie Stevens - Before: I liked her. After: I know some have issues with the entitled youngins, but really think she can sing and I like her voice a lot, still? Bad song choice. She came across as one of Simon's beloved cabaret singers. 4/10

In order for me ...

01. Crystal Bowerson
02. Katelyn Epperson
03. Didi Benami
04. Janell Wheeler
05. Haeley Vaughn (!)
06. Michelle Delamore
07. Paige Myles
08. Katie Stevens
09. Ashley Rodriguez
10. Lily Scott
11. Siobhan Magnus
12. Lacey Brown

I may not have been blown away by anyone, but honestly, based on this first night? They're already kicking the vocal asses of last season's group of girls on their first night. Bring on the boys!
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