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Olympics: Ice Dancing Free Dance

And the results are ...

As much as I want to say that Belbin & Agosto should have placed bronze, I get why they didn't. As much as I adore them, as graceful as they are, as wonderful as they are, these were NOT strong programs this season. It wouldn't have been so obvious if the other top teams didn't have such strong programs, but they all did. And Tanith and Ben simply did not. *sigh* Still, I loved their exit interview, their grace and good sportsmanship is such a wonderful thing to see. Still love them, and selfishly, I hope they aren't done. I love watching them.

As for the medalists ... With regards to Domnina & Shabalin, I'm sorry, but I'm still frustrated that they were in third place going into tonight because their component scores should have been much lower for the original dance; they really should have. So based on that dance? Yeah, I don't think they should have medaled because they should have had to make up much more ground. Period. But as third place, the strength of their Free Dance gave them an understandable Bronze. *sigh*

White & Davis, well, they ARE great ice dancers. I can not deny that. Doesn't change the fact that I simply do not like them. I just do not like them. I actively did not want them to get the gold. I know that's awful, but if my beloved Belbin & Agosto were unfairly robbed of the gold in Torino, I didn't want to see W&D get it when B&A were there in the games. Silly, I know, but there it is. I was expecting their win, though, because they had two incredibly strong programs. Still, at the end of the night, yeah, I'm glad they didn't get the gold. And part of that is because Meryl does something so annoying to me when she skates. She randomly flails her arms around, it doesn't connect with beats of music and isn't particularly graceful, it looks like ... flailing.

As for the Olympic Champions? MAN! Virtue & Moir are definitely my second favorite ice dance pair now, and truly deserved to win. They were SENSATIONAL! And unlike Meryl, when Tessa floats her arms through the air, it's on beat with the music and beautifully graceful. Their moves, their elegance, their lifts, their oneness was just fantastic. Well, well deserved.
Tags: belbin & agosto, figure skating, mirai nagasu, olympics, tv

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