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Olympics: Ice Dancing Original Dance

I was blown away by one couple tonight, big-time!!!

Oh, boy! I'd heard about Domnina/Shabalin's Aboriginal dance, but hadn't seen it before tonight. And wow!!!! That was, indeed, terribly offensive. I kept trying to figure out why (after all Davis/White aren't Indian, Belbin/Agosto aren't Moldavian), and then I finally decided that it's because, even though not intended, the dance came off as if they were making fun of the Aboriginals. It was as if they were portraying them as caricatures; it was ghastly. And I'm appalled that they beat not only Faiella/Scali, but also Belbin/Agosto. It's not my favorite dance by them (by a long shot), but they skated it so well and with such joy. So, yeah, I was bummed to see them in fourth. I definitely think they should have beaten Domnina/Shabalin. I'm hoping that I'll like their free dance better than I did when I saw it at Nationals, because I wasn't that impressed with it either. *sigh* I just wish they had stronger programs for this Olympics season. Ah well.

But for me, the highlight was DEFINITELY Moir/Virtue. I was spellbound during that routine; it was simply rapturous and I'm so glad they came out on top. Woohoo! As for Davis/White, I want to like them because they're so good, and they're team USA, but I just ... something about them rubs me the wrong way. I just don't. So even though I think they're likeliest to win, I'll be rooting for Tanith and Ben, and Virtue and Moir.

Quick short-track speed skating note: Woohoo!! Apolo won his record-setting seventh Winter Olympic medal. GO APOLO!!!
Tags: apolo anton ohno, belbin & agosto, figure skating, olympics, tv, virtue & moir

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