Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Olympics -- Men's Free Skate

Not what you're expecting, I'll tell you that!

I'm not an Evan Lysacek fan, but I was genuinely happy for him when he won. Yes, a large part of that is because I would have been INFURIATED if that campy in a wtf?-way, low-grade of execution, so-what-if-he-has-a-quad-combo program by Plushenko had won. Evan skated a brilliant (if boring to me) program. He deserved it, compared to his competition and the rules.

Had the bronze medalist Takahashi not fallen on his attempted quad (oh, why did you even go there), this would be a different story as I was enthralled by his program (minus the fall). He's brilliant; I love him, love him, love him. He's pretty much become my new favorite male skater.

As for the other three I love: Chan redeemed himself a bit, Jeremy did not, but at least after the first two falls, he pulled himself together. And missed jumps bedamned, Jeremy Abbot is a BEAUTIFUL skater and he's thisclose to Takahashi for me.

And Johnny ... Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Damn you judges!! I was so pissed, I was seeing red. His routine was glorious, one tiny bobble on a spin and he falls to fifth? Not nearly a high enough program component score. Ooh, I was so pissed. Johnny did amazing; I LOVED his routine, and I thought he was magical out there.

One final note -- the Japanese kid, Oda -- LOVED his recovery with the shoelace fiasco, and it's such a shame that happened because he was having a brilliant, wonderful skate.

Ah, figure skating, gotta love it. I know I do ... even when I hate it.
Tags: daisuke takahashi, figure skating, jeremy abbott, johnny weir, olympics, tv

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