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American Idol - How did I do? And thoughts/faves of the top 24

Okay, so I did pretty badly this year, LOL! Only 10 out of 24, although, technically, it *should* be 11 out of 24 because Chris Golightly DID make it to the top 24, but was disqualified due to a contract dispute that was resolved too late for Golightly. Anyhoo, the 24 behind the cut, my thoughts on them, the ones I picked from auditions, and my early favorites going into the top 24.

THe Top 24 ... Haeley Vaughn, Siobhan Magnus, Tyler Grady, John Park, Lacey Brown, Katie Stevens, Paige Miles, Lilly Scott, Lee DeWyze, Andrew Garcia, Michael Lynche*, Didi Benami, Todrick Hall, Casey James, Aaron Kelly, Katelyn Epperly, Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Alex Lambert, Crystal Bowersox, Tim Urban, Jose Munoz, Michelle Delamor, Jermaine Sellers.

Those I pre-picked ...

Ashley Rodriguez ...

What I wrote: So getting through, so don't like her voice. She's good, but has a slightly nasal, whiny quality. Ick. She's gonna be one that's pushed ridiculously and I'm going to groan the whole time. Sigh, she does have "it" because as soon as she opened her mouth, I knew they'd love her. I just don't.

Now: I like her even less now. I don't like her voice at all, and I'm befuddled as to how they can love her so much. There were DEFINITELY better singers who didn't make it over her. Ugh. I know star quality is important, but the singing is important too. Grrr.

Tyler Grady ...

What I wrote: He's got "it" too and I like him. Not the best singer, but he's good, and very charismatic and sexy and just WOO! He's my favorite so far.

Now: We didn't see him much during Hollywood, and I found myself not as impressed in the quick flashbacks leading up to this 'yes' or 'no.' But, I'm putting that down to the mostly cut/paste aspects of it. I really, really liked him when the camera single-mindedly focused on him in his initial reaction, so I'm sticking with that for now.

Katie Stevens ...

What I wrote: Yeah, she's very good, a little bland, but that could change.

Now: I continued to like her voice, so I think she could be a keeper.

Jermaine Sellers ...

What I wrote: A bit too much vocal histronics at the end there, but very nice voice.

Now: We didn't see much of him, but I saw nothing to change my initial impression.

Katelyn Epperly ...

What I wrote: Well, they started out with a good, commercial one. Good voice, good look. A little shaky, but that's totally nerves. This one could go far.

Now: I continue to like her a lot, and the shakes/nerves were gone. We'll see how she does, but I stand by my conviction that she could go far.

Janell Wheeler ...

What I wrote: What little we saw of her, I like her voice.

Now: We definitely saw more of her during Hollywood, and I liked her each time (even when she made a poor song choice).

Andrew Garcia ...

What I wrote: Very good, slightly John Legend-ish (which is a VERY good thing, in my opinion), he may have to work on his appearance a bit, but good voice, and good story. If he makes it through to top 24, I could actually see him making it into the top 12.

Now: He had me completely sold with his take on "Straight Up," and he never lost it. Yay, him! Plus, already by mid-Hollywood-week, he was looking more polished appearance-wise. Go Andrew.

Todrick Hall ...

What I wrote: Todrick Hall - I think the vibrato is from nerves, but he does have a very good voice and I loved his little song. Hee!

Now: I still like him, but he has the potential to lose me as he has a bit of an attitude it seems, and I wasn't blown away by any singing we saw in Hollywood, but that could change when we see him in the top 24.

Didi Benami ...

What I wrote: She's very pretty and she has a distinctive voice; I don't like it personally, but I could see them pushing her through.

Now: I like her much more after hearing her sing more throughout Hollywood; I'm not ready to say she won't lose me like Megan Joy did, but we'll see how she is in the top 24.

Aaron Kelly ...

What I wrote: He does have a good voice; I can see the tweens/teens liking him.

Now: And I think that's why he was kept despite forgetting lyrics which is supposedly an automatic boot. Apparently Not.

Those who made it that I didn't pre-pick ...

Haeley Vaughn - I'm sorry, while I like her story, I don't like her singing. She's way, way too lispy for me. Of course, maybe it won't be as obvious when she does a full song, but as of now? So do not agree with her inclusion. Will she make it through? I dunno; I really don't. Oh, and, dang, I was *sure* I'd mentioned her, but I guess not.

Siobhan Magnus - Did we see her pre-Hollywood? I don't remember her if we did. I like her voice, but feel like she has the tendency to go off as the notes get higher, at least based on what we saw of her in Hollywood. However, I liked her enough, that I'm tentatively keeping an eye on her.

John Park - Who?

Lacey Brown - Again, who? We saw her briefly in the auditions and Hollywood, but very briefly, certainly not enough to make an impression on me.

Paige Miles - Seriously, who?!

Lilly Scott - Her I don't recall from early auditions (and I can't imagine that I would have forgotten that HORRID silver/gray hair on a youngin'), but she was sure highlighted during Hollywood. And I have no idea why. As much as I was expecting Ashley Rodriguez to get through, I wanted this one to get through even less. I do NOT like her voice based on what we've heard. It could change, but I'm not holding my breath.

Lee DeWyze - If they showed him, I barely recall. And nothing I saw in Hollywood did anything for me.

Michael Lynche - Over-rated, sorry. I like him as an individual, but his voice has yet to do anything for me. Plus, he might not even be around due to his father blabbing about him making the top 24. AI/Fox hasn't confirmed it, but it looks like he may be okay, as rumors are that dad's commentary was based on Internet hearsay. Lynche said he hasn't spoken to his father in years.

Casey James - I was *positive* that I had listed him because I certainly remembered him. I really like him, and his brave (yeah, it was brave) take on "Bubbly" was wonderful. Plus, yes, I'm a shallow female, he's very, very pretty.

Alex Lambert - Beyond a few lines in Hollywood, did we even hear him sing? Did we see him in early auditions and I just completely forgot him?

Crystal Bowersox - I LOVE her voice; she's easily my favorite singer at this point. Hands-down. And I like her attitude.

Tim Urban - Sorry, do not remember this dude at all.

Jose Munoz - Sigh, who?

Michelle Delamor - I remember her name, and what she looked like, but can not remember her voice to save my life. So, we'll see.

Oh, I do wish these singers had made it through ...

Mallorie Haley - I liked her voice, thought she was gorgeous, and just really liked her. We never saw her at all beyond her initial audition, so I'm not surprised, but still bummed.

Charity Vance - I would have much preferred her over Haeley Vaughn. I thought she had a lovely voice, and if we were gonna be stuck with another youngin', I wish they'd gone with this one. Ah well.

Rose Flack - Always Rose Flack. Since they made such little mention of her, I was fairly certain she hadn't made it, but I still hoped to the very end.

Vanessa Wolfe - I'm still pissed that they didn't give her another day. Considering her background, nerves clearly played a part and understandably so, but she already had overcome them mid-singing! The fact that they let so many other less unique and wonderful singers stay much longer really frustrated me. She should have been given a chance to grow through Hollywood. This girl had *something* and they just threw it away.

In order of how much I like the ones I've heard sing a few times, this is how I rank them.

- Crystal Bowersox
- Andrew Garcia
- Janell Wheeler
- Casey James
- Didi Benami

Very subject to change as their live performances may lose me, others may surprise me, and, of course, there are those we haven't even heard sing yet. *Sigh* This remains my second-biggest complaint about Idol; that they put singers through to the top 24 and NEVER SHOWCASE THEM while showcasing so many other singers that don't make it. I get that they do the latter to build up the suspense, BUT we should get the chance to see ALL of the 24 highlighted pre-top 24. Other than Kelly -- the first season, out of eight seasons, Kris Allen is the ONLY winner who was not heavily showcased during the pre-taped/edited rounds. Get it together, show. Please!

Oh, least favorite thing? The over-the-top pimping. Maybe they've finally got that they need to stop because they haven't gone overboard with anyone yet. After all, the last two years it didn't work, did it? Both of their pimp-ees didn't win. True, they came in second, but they didn't win! So maybe they did figure it out that it was NOT the way to go. I sure hope so.
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