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Winter Olympics so far ...

- I'm sorry, does it make me an awful person that I wasn't overly impressed with the opening ceremonies? I really liked the whale effects in the "water." That 16-year old was an amazing singer, but Bryan Addams and Nelly Furtado? Eh. Sarah McLachlan, as always, was glorious and I loved her song. As for K.D. Lang, I adore, adore her voice, and "Halleluja" is a beautiful song, but it is NOT a song of peace as NBC said it was. And, overall, it just didn't work for me. But Gretsky was cool as a torch-carrier.

- I've found that I simply can not watch the Luge competitions; I just can't.

- Yay! Apolo got his 6th medal to tie. Hopefully he gets a few more to lead the pack. Yeah, baby!

- As for ladies moguls -- it would have been a lovely story for Jenn Heil to win Canada's first-ever home Gold, but Hannah Kearney's run was BRILLIANT. She deserved it thoroughly.

- Figure skating! First up ... pairs.

Oh, my Shen/Zhao's short program was utterly glorious. And I didn't remember them before they mentioned them in Torino, but as soon as Scott Hamilton mentioned them getting the bronze there, I remembered them. And I remembered that I thought they should have won the Silver or Gold, and was bummed when they only got third. Hopefully, they keep this up and get the Gold because they are magnificent. So glad they got the all-time record for a short program in international competition.

Evora/Ladwig just had a wonderful program. So beautifully skated; it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Go USA! :D Too bad they clearly don't have a medals shot. I thought their performance was much more lyrical and aesthetically pleasing than all of the other teams but for Shen/Zhao, and just a bit more so than the next pair I've listed.

My third favorite pair of the night was the last to skate, the Germans Savchenko/Szolkowy -- I'm glad they came in second, because I do think they deserved it. Lovely program.

I still hope that Shen/Zhao can bring the Gold home!!!

- Congrats to Canada for their first home Gold medal! :)

ETA: I deleted some of the debate that happened in here because it's over between the two of us and I want this to be just a happy Olympics post.
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