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Random TV round-up

I'm going to just touch upon a bunch of television shows from the last couple of weeks ...

American Idol - Of the ones I marked, these are who I know are still in Hollywood (or possibly there) that I really liked.

Maddy Curtis
Mallorie Haley (Alas, we haven't seen her at all in H'wood, but I can still hope)
Charity Vance
Luke Shaffer (I think he's still there)
Jermaine Purifoy
Jannel Wheeler
Mary Powers
Andrew Garcia
Todrick Hall
Didi Benami (To be fair, I didn't like her singing in her initial audition, but her H'wood audition won me over)
Rose Flack (Alas, we haven't seen her at all in H'wood, but I can still hope)

Let's see if any of them make it to the top 24.

The Big Bang Theory - I admit I've been a tad disappointed with the episodes that have aired this year (eps 12 - 15). Too much Sheldon (I know!, but they are overusing the hell out of him), too much L/P (no chemistry, being with Penny makes Leonard a douche, and I still have no frickin' clue why they are even together beyond the fact that Leonard thinks she's hot). NO FRIENDSHIP! It's like none of them even really like each other any more beyond Howard and Leonard crowing that they are no longer miserable because they have girlfriends. Ugh! Yeah, I still laugh, I still love Jim Parsons/Sheldon, Raj is adorable and I still squee over my Sheldon/Penny moments. But show, you're really getting on my nerves, bring back my lovely s1/s2, even early s3 show.

Community - Minus the last episode which I found mostly laughless (which pretty much NEVER happens with this show), I continue to love this. Love Abed, love Annie, love Jeff/Annie, love Troy/Abed, love Troy. SQUEE!!

Days of Our Lives - I still love Sami and EJ, but I'm beyond sick and tired of the fact that in FOUR FUCKING YEARS, this incredibly popular pair have LITERALLY had one night (which equaled two days) of togetherness. TWO DAYS!! It's utterly ridiculous, and just truly sucks. On the other hand, I adore Molly Burnett (Melanie), and I like her with Philip, so I'm really hoping that they kill this whole pulled-out-of-thin-air-great-love they're selling of Melanie/Nathan cuz it was never there prior to her getting back with Philip. Oh and Melanie and Carly (Burnett and Crystal Chapell) are magic together. Other than that, I just don't care about the actual show or stories. I spend most of my time being annoyed, frustrated, wishing for better for the actors/couples I like. Sigh.

Fringe - As I told harper47, this has quietly become one of the best shows on television. That winter finale was OUTSTANDING. Every moment was compelling, Walter broke my heart in both good and bad ways, Peter is the sexiest mofo on television, Olivia is such a quietly, unflamboyant true heroine. They don't doll her up, or give her big, flashy moments much, but I know her and I love her and I completely get why Peter and Walter (in their own ways) are smitten. So many wonderful beats that played off of questions and moments that have been building throughout the season hit in "Jacksonville." Just brilliant.

General Hospital - Oh, Jonathan Jackson! He roped me back in and I'm sucked in tight. I despise Sonny, and the whole mob-forgiveness gang. I loathe Spinelli (and sorry those on my flist who like him, and with Maxie) and want him gone, gone, gone. I do think Kirsten Storms is charismatic, but they need to get Maxie the hell away from Spinelli and put her with Johnny! She and Brandon Barash have fabulous chemistry together and the back-story is there. I like Carly and Jax, but Jax needs to grow a flippin' pair and put his foot down. I want Jax to adopt Morgan and he can take Josslyn and Morgan and get the hell outta dodge until Carly realizes (which, of course, she never will) what a dumbass she's being.

And Lucky! And Lucky and Liz! I don't care if they are pretty much ignoring the years when Jonathan Jackson wasn't playing Lucky except for fleeting references here and there, he and Rebecca Herbst (who I ONLY like with JJ) are still wonderful. And dangit, I want the upcoming spoiler to work out for Lucky FINALLY! He deserves it, and I want them to rebuild their relationship the right way. Dangit! Oh, unlike DOOL, I can't wait to watch GH and I'm just so, so, sucked in!! GAH!

Life Unexpected - I still like this show, but it's settled into more predictable patterns after the first two episodes. And I'm sorry, but Shirl Appleby is okay, but that's it; she's just okay. I don't really like her, let alone love her, but I love Luz and Baze. I still quite enjoy it, but the bloom has worn off the rose a bit.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl - I didn't like the first episode that much, I think that Ben and her sister (not surprising) were total assholes the first couple of episodes, so this series has not started out on my yay list. BUT, I really loved the 3rd and 4th episode, Bambi and Byron are adorable, Belle/Hannah is, well, Belle/Hannah, therefore, she is awesome. Billie Piper remains awesome, and ah, heck, I'll probably rewatch the whole series when it's done and give those first two episodes another shot. I was very, very tired the night I watched them.

Survivor - Oh, Sugar! I LOVED, LOVED her topless/double-birded moment, but then they didn't show her and didn't show her and then finally did and she was stalking Colby and annoying everyone that night and I was like, 'aww, hell! Sugar's going.' And she did. DANGIT! But as I told a friend, I'm actually okay with it at this point simply because she was totally my favorite and I would have been on pins and needles every episode about her. Now, I don't have to worry about it. Of who's left, Boston Rob is definitely my favorite, followed by Cirie, Amanda, Rupert and Courtney. I also am finding Sandra amusing so far. But there are a lot of others I do like. The only one I flat-out don't like is Tom. Yeah, that's right, you read that right ... Tom. I liked him and Ian both in their season until Tom emotionally beat up this 20-something kid (who admired and respected the hell out of Tom) for merely considering an aspect of the game, and then to make it worse, Tom turned around and DID exactly what Ian had only considered. ASS! So, yeah, I've been on the Tom-hate-train since then.

So, of who's left: Really, only Candace, Colby, Tom, Randy and Danielle are the ones I'm not rooting for at all; they can take a flying leap as far as I'm concerned. Everyone else, I'm liking. Yes, even Coach and Jerri. The editing did them good this time around (well, in this first 2-part episode). I do still find Russell amusing, but like the above names (and Parvati -- since she's won and she off-and-on annoys me), I'd add him to the list of those I don't want to win simply because I maintain what I did at the end of last season. I don't want anyone to win being the most obnoxious, nasty asshole (amusing or not, playing the game or not) as Russell did. Sorry, I just do not.

Overall, I'm enjoying the heck out of this, and my personal choice to win ... Boston Rob. I can't help it, I love he and Amber. Yes, I do!

I still wish Ozzy was there, though. :sniff sniff:

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