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STYCD Results

Well, that was depressing, but not surprising. I'm not going to talk about the others in the bottom three (Ashley/Dimitri, Martha/Travis) because I just don't care, LOL!

I actually agreed 100% with every word that Nigel said about both Natalie and Musa. Natalie is an AMAZING dancer, but she's been pushing the sex kitten thing way too much. I adored her solo -- I think it was the second best solo I've seen here -- but when she went into sex kitten mode at the very end, I just kinda shook my head. Nigel's right, she's sensational. She does not need it.

Now about that solo!! WOWZA!!! I do wish the camera angles were better, I would have liked to see how she went down the stairs instead of just imagining it, sigh, but what we did see was amazing. That knee-turn move across the floor into another couple of great point positioning blew me away. The balance, the precision, the control and the beauty of her dancing is amazing. Just wow!!

As for Musa ... again, I actually agree with every word Nigel said. Yes, from a biased point of view, I would have loved him to stay on, but I understand why they voted him out. Sigh. As for his solo! DOUBLE WOWZA!! This was the one routine I liked better than Natalie's. I agree when Nigel said if they were basing their vote on the solos, Musa would have won hands-down, I mean wow!!! The height, the control, the joy with which he moved was spectacular to behold.

It was also nice (if sad) to see how deeply Natalie was moved by Musa's departure because it did confirm that connection that so many of us saw while watching them dance.

Sigh, I will miss Musa. But next week looks exciting. It will be very interesting to see who partners with who (I just know that Heidi and Benji will wind up with each other right away, LOL!) and the solos ... I look forward to seeing what else Natalie and Heidi can come up with, as well as Benji and Donyelle.

And on that final note, Benji and Donyelle have now become the only two to never be in the bottom three. I'm thinking that will last a bit longer.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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