Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, Auditions 8 (Last Night)

Halleluja!!!! Last night of auditions. WOO to the HOO!

- Amanda Shectman - I really like her voice, nice tone and modulation.

Was that blonde in the hide-the-ticket montage Rose from last year who I loved!?!! I WAS RIGHT!! IT'S ROSE!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Oh, I was hoping we'd see her again, hopefully she makes it all the way through. This is what I said about her last year after she was cut (due to annoying bikini girl):

I'm really bummed that stupid bikini girl likely helped in taking Rose Flack out. Yes, yes, she forgot the lyrics a bit and that was why, but dangit, I can't help but blame stupid Katrina. I know that Rose wasn't the best singer, but she made me FEEL something and I really liked her. Oh well.

Now it would have been nice had they show her sing tonight, but we know she, at least, made it to Hollywood.

- Rachel Hubbard - 16-year old with the good voice that showed some depth.

- Didi Benami - She's very pretty and she has a distinctive voice; I don't like it personally, but I could see them pushing her through.

- Aaron Kelly - He does have a good voice; I can see the tweens/teens liking him.

- Hope Johnson - She's okay, but based on Ryan's "THE BEST" and the judges' reaction obviously means she'll make it. I'm not quite sure why though.

WHEEE!! Hollywood! And Ellen!!! WOOHOO!!
Tags: american idol, tv

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