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American Idol, Auditions 6 (Dallas)

KELLY!!!! Sorry.

Woohoo, NPH is coming up. Yeah, baby.

KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And, shocker!!, they didn't cut Justin out of the winning moment! And did you catch him mouthing "Yes, baby!" after she won. Aww, Jelly!) Oh My God! I remember that "Lady Marmalade" singer!!!! Yeah, she still sucks. Dang, NPH is being blunt and honest from moment one. And taking charge, 'no, I don't think so' before any of the regular judges even say anything. Okay, then! He was a little mean with that "annoying" comment (he knows anything can be aired pretty much) -- but knowing anything can be edited, I'm going to believe that they'd been there a little while and he'd dealt with others and it had built up, because I don't want to believe that he's just a jerk.

Lloyd Thomas - He has a good voice, good story, but it took a few seconds to catch me, but he really does have a nice voice, nice modulation. And I like him, hah! "Delicious."

Wait, SHELDON COOPER SQUEE!!!! Kimberly Carver is from Denton, Texas!!! SHELDON IS FROM DENTON, TEXAS!!!!!!!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kay, back to AI.

Kimberly Carver - And she can sing (and good original song), but really good singer. I like her! Good, good voice. I'm with NPH, Kara and Randy!

And I'm cracking up at how much NPH seems to be taking over the panel, asking the questions of the contestants and taking the vote, etc. Hah! And seriously, I do not think that the animosity between Simon and NPH is for show, I kinda think they aren't digging on each other, LOL!

Erica Rhodes - I like her, but not her singing that much. I don't really think she has a strong voice, and I don't think she should make it past Hollywood, but I think she may have these judges completely charmed so she might make it to the top 24, but I don't think she has a shot beyond that. But we've certainly had her type make it (calling Haley Scarnato and her ilk, and yes, I know I originally liked Haley).

Dave Pittman - He has a good voice, but doesn't do anything for me personally, but I could see him making it.

And yes I'm aware that I'm writing almost every good singer down tonight, but I can't help it, I can see each of them genuinely having a shot.

Todrick Hall - I think the vibrato is from nerves, but he does have a very good voice and I loved his little song. Hee!

Okay, I take it back, it was just the first day of Dallas auditions that had me writing every singer who got the golden ticket down. Cuz other than Todrick, not impressed, at all! Hmm, I suppose I should mark down the Christian Spear/leukemia girl, but I was again just not impressed at all. Does that make me a bad person?

Damnit, I was right. There's another flippin' week of auditions. UGH! Seriously, show, it's just WAY, WAY too, too many audition nights. TOO MANY!
Tags: american idol, tv

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