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Life Unexpected 1.02

So yeah, I pretty much LOVE this show. Because it's just so full of love, while not harshing on some of the more painful realities in life. I actually cried when Lux was looking at her awesome new room at the end, and then cracked up when the bong lamp was there. And just the little things we are seeing them do (and say) to try and cope with this situation. I love that the none of the characters so far, even the supporting or guest characters, are one-note; they are so well-written. I especially thought Tasha was well-done, and sure maybe it was tad hokey, but I loved how Cate turned around and told Tasha exactly what Tasha had told Lux.

There were a few issues, the groan-worthy forcing her to read the denial on the air was such a plot device, but then it wound up not being. Yes, Lux was upset with Cate, but she wasn't ready to walk away because of it, she was just a moody teenager and told Cate the truth of it early on. She decided to leave not because of that, but because of Cate's words to Baze which were so Cate's own unacknowledged fears. It was like the on-air denial was just a teeny push in that direction, and the set-up for what really nailed home Lux deciding to leave.

Plus, that scene gave us Keegan Connor Tracy (late of Jake 2.0, the excellent Christopher Gorham show that was killed way before its time) as the radio person who gave her the on-air denial. And then became more than the above-mentioned non-one-note character with her scene outside with Cate. The other issue is that I could have done without her having the on-air rebuttal but I guess it had to be done; still, I will be a teeny bit peeved if they don't have any fall-out from that since she did it in the first place at the higher-ups demands. But those are small problems when the overall product is so wonderful.

All in all, just again, the show hit so many very good notes. The leads are all wonderful and compelling and Britt Robertson as Lux is just fantabulous. Show, pretty please stay this good because you are AWESOME!

Quick comments:

- Yup, don't like Cate's haircut. Bad hairdresser.

- My heart broke for Baze when he learned that Lux wouldn't be staying with him.

- Glad we got the why of the name and mention of two brunettes with a blonde child.

- I didn't mention them last week, but I didn't want to forget them again. I LOVE Baze's friends. They're awesome.

- I really liked the Lux/Ryan scene. Well-done.
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