Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dayum! Jonathan Jackson!!

He has been KNOCKING IT OUT OF THE BALLPARK ALL WEEK!, and today's show just started a whole week anew of awesome acting. In fact, I'd compare the power of today's acting to last Monday's episode when he got the baseball bat and trashed the house.

I mean, SERIOUSLY!, I've always loved him and he's just proving why. I did feel a teeny bit bad for Elizabeth because he was soooooo laying it into her, but, she was screwing his brother behind his back for months, so it's not like she didn't deserve it. (And he was drunk; I don't think he would have been that cruel had he not been drunk.) I WAS glad that Lucky specifically mentioned that they had forgiven each other for Maxie and Jason, since Lucky had strayed in the past too, and the only mentions of what happened with Jason were more about how it was repeating history. All of his rage/disgust/contempt was about this thing with Nikolas.

Jackson shone, Rebecca Herbst -- who's never been a favorite of mine except with JJ's Lucky -- was fabulous, Tony Geary was wonderful, Julie Marie Berman was great in her teeny scene with Nik at the end, and I can't wait for tomorrow. Alas, Tyler Christopher continue to be mostly blah and just so not there. Ah well. We still had such an awesome overload from Jackson and Herbst. SO AWESOME!!!

On another, but unrelated note, the less said about Carly's rage-inducing hypocrisy the better, but I do admit, I couldn't help but be a wee bit amused (due to how Laura Wright played it) at how gleeful Carly was about it. Now if only the show was actually writing it for us to laugh AT Carly's ludicrousness, it would have been perfect. But I guess we're supposed to think Carly has a point? Oy vey!
Tags: general hospital, jonathan jackson, tv

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