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Figure Skating (and with Olympics/Worlds coming up, expect more of these)

US National Figure Skating Championships ... thoughts


- I went into that round, as always, loving Johnny Weir and meh about Evan Lysacek. Sadly Weir was a bit out of it in the long program, but he at least made the podium and will be in Vancouver. The big story was Jeremy Abbott - defending his title. He was AMAZING! That long program of his was magnificent, flawless, just gasp-worthy gorgeous. Please, let him pull off something similar in Vancouver. PRETTY PLEASE!


- I remember nothing about any aspect of this race. Sorry.


- Oh, I adore Belbin and Agosto, but unfortunately, their free skate (while wonderful), really isn't as strong as Davis and White's and as long as D&W continue to skate it so well, they'll come out on top.


- I HATE THE SCORING SYSTEM! That was a complete and utter joke. Mirai Nagasu was fluid, graceful, magical, landing all of her jumps, her edges, her spins, her spirals, just glorious. Rachel Flatt? Once again, and as always, delivered a by-the-numbers performance with little comparable grace, and no magic. Yet, because Mirai slightly (and I mean *slightly*) under-rotated three of her triple jumps, she lost 10-11 points. Let me repeat that -- this gloriously magical skater lost TEN to ELEVEN points because of naked to the eye under-rotations, while the boring, comparatively graceless Rachel Flatt (who almost fell out of a jump!) scored insanely high because she didn't minutely under-rotate her triples. JUST FUCKING RIDICULOUS! And don't even get me started on how Ashley Wagner should have been higher than Flatt too because she's a beautiful, more exciting skater who landed several of her jumps (beautifully) in the last two minutes of her routine.

I get it; figure skating is a sport, and a hard one at that. However, what elevates figure skating into artistry is, you know, the artistry! When these skaters throw out technical moves after technical moves, but don't have the flow, the grace, the beauty, the artistry and yet get scored ridiculously high, it gives the sport a bad name. Mirai Nagasu, Ashley Wagner and Sasha Cohen were more gracefully beautiful out on that ice than Rachel Flatt was, hands down. Yet because Flatt threw in a bunch of naked to the human eye technical moves, she gets the win? Where's the enjoyment in that?!?!? The audience, the commentators (Scott Hamilton, for goodness' sake) were captivated by Mirai and convinced she won because she delivered what appeared to be a flawless program. But nope, some super-computer, slo-mo'ed replay of performances -- that completely undermines the visual, in-the-moment beauty of the sport -- steals her win.

Just ridiculous. Ugh!
Tags: belbin & agosto, figure skating, jeremy abbott, johnny weir, mirai nagasu

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