Arabian (arabian) wrote,

American Idol, Auditions 4 (Orlando)

Another night, another set of auditions, fun.

Kris Allen commercial! Woohoo! Damn, I want that car -- records your CDs so that you don't have tons hanging around your car?!?? DAYUM!!! Oh, and Kris is uber-adorable still.

I LOVE KRISTEN CHENOWETH! She and Kara were great together, but her hitting the Cheno note and annoying the shit out of Simon was awesome-sauce!!!

Seth Rollins - Very nice voice, nice control, a bit vibrato-y, but that very well could be nerves; he also went sharp a few times, but that could be singing without the music. Plus, he's got the backstory (austistic child) and a nice personality. Unless he blows it, I think he's a top 12 shoo-in.

Jermaine Purifoy - Really, really nice and smooth voice. I LIKE him. LOTS! His voice makes me smile. :) So good song choice. So, so pretty.

Jannel Wheeler - What little we saw of her, I like her voice.

Brittany Starr James - She has a very relevant voice; I could hear her on the radio. However, she fall just a tad bit into generic, every-girl.

The sisters are a little annoying, but I think the blonde could have a shot (and grow on me), so ...

Bernadette Desimone - She does have a very good voice, but the two of them together, oy vey!

Am I bad that I really laughed hard at Simon's "Yes or no?" after dude was taken away in cuffs? I'm laughing again just thinking about it. Oh, Simon. It's the rare moments like this that I realize I will at least miss him next season on occasion.

Matthew Lawrence - He's very good, but I'm not so sure that America is going to adore him the way the judges did, and he could be kinda a one-trick pony. I dunno; I don't think he was as amazing as the judges acted. I'm tired maybe that's why I wasn't more effected. :shrugs:

Next week? UGH! Katy Perry. Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!!!
Tags: american idol, tv

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