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Life Unexpected Pilot

The Entertainment Weekly review of this had me DVRing the Pilot and I was pleasantly surprised.

I am about leery of how they're going to navigate Cate, Nate and Ryan, but everything else was pretty nicely top-notch that I'm willing to give it some room to grow. The acting overall is excellent, especially Britt Roberston as Lux (stupid-ass name, though, LOL!), and I like all of the characters thus far. Which brings us to the above-mentioned triangle. I was thinking early in the show that it was a good thing they cast the very likable and adorable Kerr Smith as Ryan, Cate's boyfriend/fiance, because that gives them a rooting chance as opposed to just wanting the happy cliche of Cate and Nate finding each other. But then we got a sense of the feelings/attraction between Cate and Nate, and they were talking in the bar and there was chemistry and then, bam! they slept together and I was like whoah! I wasn't expecting that, especially followed by her patching things back up with Ryan. So yeah, leery about how it's going to play out. But again, everything else was so good, that I'll see where it goes.

What I really liked was how Lux didn't have this horrifically dreadful life, but it not good either. How she wound up in foster care, how Cate found out that things had played out, it was all very gently done without in-your-face drama and the show did a wonderful job with the background of all involved in setting up why Nate and Cate do want to be there now, and how.

My only real complaint is yuck! to Shiri Appleby's hair in the preview for the next episode. Do. Not. Want. Other than that, though, yeah, this is good. And hee! tot he Christian/lion video. I've never seen that before a month or so ago and so loved that reference ... and totally get why they were all crying. It was nice little things like that that really helped set the characters and moods up. Well-done. I look forward to more.
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