Arabian (arabian) wrote,

As the World Turns - Katie/Simon

Well ... , Simon's run this time around is over, but they did what I hoped. They basically repaired all of the past visits that pretty much worked to destroy their magic, and they did the leave the door open definitely enough for his return when the show ends later this year. Katie wasn't ready what with Brad just dying, but she still clearly loves Simon. LOTS. And Simon pretty much loves her unconditionally. So now my hope is just that they haven't gone too far into the Katie/Henry story -- which they seem to be hinting at that is just WRONG!, didn't work the first time, really won't work now -- upon hearing the cancellation news. That way, they can back out of it, and just get Katie ready for the end of the show's run and Simon's return. Then they can live happily ever after.

Uh huh.
Tags: as the world turns, katie/simon, tv

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