Arabian (arabian) wrote,

24 (la dee dah)

So watched 24, of course.

I enjoyed it all over, but man, do I want to hear Hassein say "millionaire" so badly, hah!
Most of the new characters I pretty much like, but the new CTU head is over-the-top in dickishness, of course. Nice seeing Bob Gunton back, worried about the pills, though. Hmm. It was great seeing a lot of Jack and Chloe so early on, but (a) I'm still really annoyed that she's married to Morris because ugh! I like the actor, just not the character or background of Chloe and he. Don't buy them. Yuck. I find Chloe being behind it all interesting, but I hope she catches up soon, and that she and Dana wind up on the same side. I hope so, because KATEE SACKHOFF!

Speaking of, I'm just so amused by the fact that when I first began watching BSG and fell head over hard for Starbuck, I called her the female version of Jack Bauer. I always called him SuperJack! and I began calling her SuperKara! (obviously before she stopped being super) and reasoned that if they ever got together, WOW! would they take over the universe. And sorta, here they are, together. Hee! Regarding Dana, I'm happy about seeing Becky Walhstrom (Dana's sister); she was Grace on Joan of Arcadia and I LOVED her.

Finally, the promo for tonight's episodes, sigh. So irked knowing that Renee is coming soon and will no doubt be shoved down my throat all over again. I know that everyone else seems to love her, but I do not like her. She was one of the two main reasons I wound up not liking last season. Double sigh.
Tags: 24, jack/chloe, tv

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