Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Dollhouse - Third to Last Episode (sniff sniff)

So watched Dollhouse. Uhm, yeah, okay.

But, but, but ... Boyd! Not Boyd! What the effing hell!?!?!?? BOYD!?!??!

Okay, random thoughts cuz that's all my brain can process right now ...

- They made Bennett WAY too crazy in her first appearance because she's a genius, and it would be clear to an idiot that Caroline was saving her life and her livelihood. Yeah, yeah, she might feel betrayed because she couldn't be idealist-girl with Caroline, but to feel that way after what Caroline did for her requires someone with severe emotional issues. Which, yeah, did fit Bennett ... UP TO HER CUTESY-CUTE SCENES WITH TOPHER! She was too normal in those scenes. I dunno; maybe it's a silly quibble, but -- Wait, scratch that. You know, as I'm typing this, I'm remembering the cutesy-cute scenes with Topher in-between the crazy before, so yeah, I guess she's just all the crazy except when playing cute-genius-nerds with Topher. He makes her sane. Okay.

- Not that it matters now since Saunders shot her in the head! Damnit! But still, Summer Glau was lovely and adorable and wonderful, and crisply, evilly awesome as she walked through the Dollhouse after being abducted.

- So, clearly, Boyd programmed Saunders to shoot Bennett. But the only reason I can think of him doing that is to stop her from fixing the Caroline wedge, but he let Echo be imprinted with the Caroline personality and thus see that Boyd is the Big Bad. So I'm confuzzled. :scratches head: Please to the answers make sense when they come, Joss.

- Not enough Victor.

- I'm glad that Paul and Mellie had some moments because I liked them much better than Paul and Echo, and while November and Madeleine were good, I loved Mellie. So, yay, Mellie.

- There were a lot of nice little character moments, especially loved the Topher/Ivy one towards the end.

- Once more for the road ... BOYD!?!??!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Of the cast we know and stuff, he's the only one who makes sense because we know so little about him. Still, still, I want some damn good answers to tie all this up, Joss! I mean, BOYD!?!?!?
Tags: dollhouse, tv

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