Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I got you babe, indeed!

Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Oh, BETTER OFF TED, first last week and then the two episodes this week?!

The two final scenes of both episodes tonight were like shippery goodness, so very, very awesome! The "me-I" discussion from the first ep was great, but the final scene in the second episode?!?!? Him telling her he wouldn't change her, her trying to get him to sing "I Got You Babe" along with her, and then, and then, and then HE DID!!! And when we saw them again, he had his arms around her shoulders and they were singing!!! A love song!!! Not to mention the Ted/Veronica and Rose in the elevator scene i the first episode which was so family-ish, and gah!! They are so good; they have such amazing chemistry.

Could it be? Could TPTB have realized that Ted and Veronica are where it's at and they are actually going there?!?! I mean, this is four episodes in a row with knock-your-socks-off TV shippery moments to squee and squeal over!!! And pretty much nada with Ted and Linda.

Oh, someone tell me I'm not delusionally dreaming here. Please. Make it be real!

On the subject of the show itself -- if Jim Parsons is the best comedic actor on television right now (and yes, I do believe he is), Portia De Rossi is the best comedic actress on television right now. She is flat-out amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! And while the two episodes tonight weren't as magnificent as the last two episodes, they were still dang funny and it's such a shame how ABC is just killing this show off. *sigh*
Tags: better off ted, ted/veronica, tv

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