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So You Think You Can Dance (top 14)

I just gotta say I really enjoyed Shane Sparks in tonight's episode. Now to the dancers:

  • Heidi/Ryan - At first I thought that they were trying too hard, but by the end of it they won me over. Heidi is just awesome. Talk about giving it your all! Only complaint, I didn't like her costume.

  • Martha/Travis - I actually saw a bit of a connection for the first time, but they are still off when dancing together and the mechanics of the dance were a bit rough and, well, mechanical at times. You could see them working through the steps while they danced. (I actually agreed with Mary pretty much all the way.)

  • Ashley/Dimitri - I'm with Dan in not agreeing with Nigel and Mary. I LOVED her costume, LOVED the concept and choreography, but frankly both Dimitri and Ashley looked like amateurs flailing about on the stage.

  • Natalia/Musa - I have to comment on their package because with every package of these two, I just love them more and more. As for the routine: It wasn't the smoothest routine by them, but it was totally HOT! and they were SOOO on in their disco characterization. Natalie is an amazing dancer and together and separately they are just sex on a stick. Finally, some of those moves were just WOW!!!!!!!!

  • Benji/Donyelle - I like them, I really like them (loved the Benji/Dimitri bit) and they are wonderful dancers. I thought they looked absolutely lovely, alas, there was just no passion whatsoever in that dance. But they did look beautiful.

  • Allison/Ivan - I wouldn't go as far as Mary and say that Allison should take it all (I'd give it to Natalie first, personally), but Allison would be my third choice. However, I can't say much about her dancing because I was blinded by the atrociousness of those pants! Gah!!! As for Ivan, sigh, I'm sorry but he just looks stiff and amateurish to me. I don't know what those judges are seeing.

  • Jessica/Jaymz - They were cute; I was actually almost mesmerized, they work so well together. They don't have the sizzling heat of Natalie and Musa (but who does?), but I actually think they do dance a tad together better than do Natalie/Musa which may be part of why I enjoy watching them so much. Of course, the fact that I adore Jessica helps, too. With that said, I agree with Nigel, it was more pop-hop, than hip-hop, but maybe that's why I liked it so much as I am not a huge fan of hip-hop.

    My three faves (this is getting old, it's always the same, just rearranged, LOL!)

    1. Natalia/Musa
    2. Jessica/Jaymz
    3. Benji/Donyelle

    Bottom three

    1. Dimitri/Ashley
    2. Allison/Ivan
    3. Martha/Travis

    Should go home:

    Ashley/Ivan ... man, I almost want this just to see what Dimitri and Allison would do together! I do think it possible that Jessica/Jaymz will be in the bottom three, specifically because of Jaymz' mouthing off, I do think that Jessica was TRYING to make up for what he said and not have it come across so bad, but Dan and then Nigel and then Jaymz cut her off. Ah well, I just hope if they are in the bottom three, I don't lose Jessica. She's my second fave dancer!
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