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So You Think You Can Dance - Finals

So I was spoiled for everything, but I came away with a different take on my own. :shrugs:

There were only two dancers that kicked ass in all three numbers in my opinion -- Jacob and Ashleigh, and because I preferred Ashleigh's three numbers (the Angel routine with Russell and the contemporary with Ryan the absolute most -- both were stunningly beautiful), whereas the Broadway routine that Jacob did with Ellenore was a bit meh for me, I'm giving the edge to Ashleigh. Okay, yeah, it helps that she's my absolute favoritest as well.

The routines I heard were so amazing? Eh. I thought the D&D routine was good, but I don't think that Jacob and Kathryn had the chemistry to sell it. Kathryn and Legacy would have, Ryan and Ellenore would have and and Jacob and Ashleigh would have, not Jacob and Kathryn, in my opinion. The hip-hop that closed the show out? Kathryn and Russell were slightly out of sync almost every time they were supposed to be in sync, so meh. The Ellenore/Russell routine? I was kinda bored.

I know, I know it's down to Jacob and Russell, but for me, Ashleigh and Jacob were the clear stand-outs. Screw the judges with their faint praise for Ashleigh (okay, Nigel especially -- "Ashleigh, I didn't even bother watching you" "Oh, yeah, I guess you can dance, Jacob you were awesome" "You're only here because of your injury, but you're better with Jacob than your husband"). She was amazing. The six in order of how I thought they did --

1. Ashleigh
2. Jacob
3. Ryan
4. Kathryn
5. Russell
6. Ellenore (although, she's great -- it was a GREAT night of dancing)

How I think they'll end up tomorrow night?

1. Russell or Jacob
2. Jacob or Russell
3. Kathryn
4. Ellenore
5. Ryan
6. Ashleigh (because some people "blame" her for being in the top 6 w/out dancing.)

Oh well, at least I liked all six finalists, woohoo!!

ETA: Voting my fingers off for Ashleigh although it will do no good, sigh.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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