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Jeff/Annie - 'Debate 109' Picspam w/commentary

So I haven't gushed about Jeff and Annie in my lj yet (but I do mod a community for them: milady_milord -- if you're a fan, do check it out), but someone in the Jeff/Annie comm needed some cheering up, so I made a picspam and figured I'd post it here. The picspam subject is THE Jeff/Annie episode, "Debate 109" and rewatching it in the full bloom of my Jeff/Annie love really surprised me because it actually offered a lot more depth to the attraction between the two. There was so much going on between these two! (Caps taken from here.)

Here we just have the set up, Annie's on the debate team, her partner's unavailable and so Jeff has to step in, so he does. (And sucks, but that's not capped.)

Now, it begins to heat up. Yes, Jeff was frustrated that he failed so miserably in there, but he still was unwilling to actually try even when Simmons insulted him. But when Simmons insulted Annie, it was on!

And here we get them working together, and the first wave of attraction. I do think Jeff was supposed to be wowed by how great Annie looked when she pulled her hair down, but Joel played it less lasciviously and more as someone who was hit with a mack truck in the best way possible and was just utterly smitten. Then add to that their chemistry and WOWZA!

Now we've got the tension being ratcheted up. The scene set-up was done to show Jeff's realization of Annie as an attractive female, and Annie's realization that Jeff was seeing her as an attractive female. Also we had Shirley's comment about the two kissing which didn't create the sexual tension between them, but just built atop the already stifling sense of it enveloping them. And again, their chemistry just took it up a gazillion notches. Every look, every gulp, every moment between them just screamed "DO ME! DO ME NOW!!!"

Then comes the cleavage and the looking and the two are just completely so there. In a few seconds flat, the show and these two managed to create a more believably turned-on, wanting Jeff than the previous eight episodes of Jeff wanting Britta, and one wanting PHd teacher. Those flirtations came across passing fancies compared to the intensity of what was going on between these two. With just a relaxation of her hairstyle and a bit of cleavage, Annie had him careening the hell out of the room because he was so very far gone. And we're supposed to buy that Jeff is into Britta, PHd teacher or Sabrina when we have THIS to compare to?! Ain't happening.

I love the first part of this so much because after Annie exclaims what a great team they are, Jeff agrees and then has this wide-eyed enthusiasm on his face so similar to Annie's and he's stunned when that fact hits him. The dialogue and acting just bespeaks of so much more than an episode flash in the pan. He is connecting thoroughly with Annie and enjoying the hell out of it in a way he never, ever has with Britta.

Then, of course, the kiss. Oh, the kiss.

So much to love here. And this is all about Jeff's reaction. Annie is so consumed with winning (and you know it never even really crossed her mind that Jeff would be affected by a kiss from *her*) that she doesn't react to the kiss itself. But Jeff? Whoo, boy! First of all, he doesn't just drop Simmons, he drops him, turns and pulls Annie to him, kissing her back, hands going to her her waist in hunger. Oh yeah! And then, I love how utterly flummoxed he is when she pulls away. He's so out of it, still completely wrapped up in that kiss that he doesn't even realize at first what just happened and when he does, there's just a little bit of hurt because she wasn't as affected as was he.

He's all, what the hell?! Note the first picture here. And then, finally, the final scene. The Annie from the library is gone, the kiss is long past, and yet they are still clearly both affected by the events. The tension and attraction is so there. But they both decide to put it in a little box with the "just pat me."

Hopefully, sooner rather than later, they accept that age is just a number, and open that box.
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