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SYTYC Results

So the results that I've been anxiety-ridden over all day. I voted almost the full four hours for Ashleigh last night. Did it do any good?

HELL TO THE YEAH!!! I was thinking that even though she'd be in the bottom that Ashleigh would still have a chance of being in the finale, but my girl was SAFE FROM THE GET-GO!! Oh yeah!! I don't care that she didn't dance last night (well, I care, I would have loved to see her dance), she deserves to be in the finale. She's been kick-ass phenomenal all season and the finale would have been missing something huge without her.

I know that Ellenore a better dancer than Mollee, but I would have preferred Mollee just because I do like her better, but Ellenore is outstanding and I do like her so that's cool. I'm also really glad that Ellenore made it over Mollee because if Ellenore had gone home, everyone would be backlashing against Ashleigh like NOBODY'S business.

I totally thought that Ryan was toast despite, like Ellenore over Mollee, being a much better dancer, so I'm thrilled that he was safe. Shocked, but thrilled. YAY!!!!

But really, it's all about Ashleigh for me. I know she doesn't stand a shot in hell winning, but I'll take comfort that she's in the finals, she made it and she and Jacob are the only ones who never hit the bottom. SCORE!

I will say that I AM disappointed that we didn't get to see Russell/Ashleigh perform their two dances tonight just so that we could see them, though! POUT! Normally, I'd say they could have just booted the musical guest, but it WAS Kris Allen, so I can't complain that much.

Pre-next weeks dances, I'd like to see them fall in this order --

Winner - Ashleigh
Runner-up - Jacob
3rd Kathryn
4th Ryan
5th Russell
6th Ellenore

Will it go that way? No chance in hell, but I get to see my Ashleigh still, I be happy!!

Once more for the road: WOOHOO!!!!!
Tags: sytycd, tv

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