Arabian (arabian) wrote,

TBBT - The Gorilla Experiment quick thoughts

Seriously, just some quick thoughts I jotted while watching the show. I'll have much more to say tomorrow after a rewatch and some deep thoughts (not by Jack Handey -- cookie to whoever gets that reference).

- OMG!!!! The way that Sheldon (and everyone else) was looking at Penny when she explained his spot was AWESOME!! And then her smile when Sheldon said there was hope for her yet. SQUEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Okay, it's official, I do love Howard and Bernadette. They are adorable. :D

- OMG!! The look Sheldon sent Penny after the "Bazinga! I don't care" was awesome, made even more awesome when she showed him the food half-chewed in her mouth (eww, but still awesome!)

- Damnit, it does actually sound like Penny is doing this for Leonard, blech! Yes, I'm awful, but I don't want any kind of depth to their relationship. It contradicts everything we've seen about it thus far. Eh, nope, rewatched just one of the scenes and it made clear that was not the case. Phew!

- I'm not going to bash Leonard, but I will say that he is not funny and not nice. Writers, come on! When of the six characters seen on screen (one of them in only her third appearance), Leonard is my least favorite character by far, there is something wrong here!

- Sheldon taught Penny how to very intelligently insult Leonard. I LOVE IT!
Tags: sheldon/penny, the big bang theory, tv

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