Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Top Chef, Finale, Part 1

I call bullshit! Totally. I don't buy it; at all.

I do think the overall quality of Michael's dishes throughout the run, plus the fact that it was close played a part of it, but no way did Michael deserve to stay over Jen based on this challenge. I totally call producer manipulation. They wanted the brothers in the final against one another. Period.

Michael's egg dish was overwhelming and the egg wasn't properly set. With his second dish, his proportions were wrong for (at least) Gail's dish, leaving her with just bitterness. Jennifer's first dish had a tad too much salt, but the overall sentiment seemed to be that she hit the mark, capturing the perfect mix of seasons and blends. Her second dish was roundly praised as being pretty much awesome. For Tom to blame her ass because the coal's went out is just ridiculous. The fact that she made something differently than planned and it was kick-ass is a compliment to her talent as a chef; they've got this limited amount of time and because she wasn't staring at the fucking coals the whole time, he dings her? I don't think so. So, yeah, I utterly and totally call bullshit. Michael should have been sent packing with a final three of Kevin, Bryan and Jennifer.

I want Kevin to win, but I'll be fine if Bryan wins. If Michael wins? UGH!

ETA: I know that Tom claimed both of Jennifer's dishes were overly salted, but I don;'t buy it. think it was Tom doing his lovely revisionist history again. There was too, too much praise and love for that duck dish for that one to have been oversalted as well. I just do not buy that it wasn't producer-manipulated because they wanted the brothers in the final.
Tags: top chef, tv

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