Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Dance' 6/29 Results

That Jessica and Jaymz were in the bottom three was just WRONG! Plain wrong, personality is all well and good, but this is a dance competition. How could that amazingly exquisite performance be in the bottom three!?!? I'm just at a loss.

Sigh, at least Jessica is safe. I think she's a delightful, wonderful dancer ... my favorite female after Natalie (and before Donyelle).

The girls:

Ashley -- I thought she could have done more with her solo, but she was good.

Jessica -- was wonderful ... as usual. Her moves, kicks, etc. were timed to the music. Lovely.

Aleksandra -- She deserves to go. I just was not impressed and with the exception of her first routine, she's been a disappointment me for in every other performance.

The guys:

Ben -- He's just breathtaking. I LOVE to watch him dance.

Jaymz -- As much as I adored their performance and don't think they deserved to be in the bottom three, I think his was the weakest male performance by far.

Dimitri -- Whatever may be the case with partners, Dimitri is just amazingly beautiful to watch. Just wow.

Obviously, I agreed with the choice of Alex to go and while I still think that Heidi/Ryan (for that performance) should have been in the bottom three, as a dancer, neither deserved to be there, so I'm okay with that. However, I am shocked and appalled that they cut Ben! Ben, a marvelously beautiful dancer with a charisma that can't be bought. So Jaymz is taller and beefier and hunkier, Ben's dancing is a thing of beauty. That's just wrong.

Tags: sytycd, tv

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